Duke Considers Dorrell And Vanderbilt Coach Bobby Johnson For Football Job

THE FIGHT FOR COACH K.’S SHOESHINE BOX IS BACK ON! The NASHVILLE TENNESSEAN reports that Duke is sending mixed signals out about getting serious about football. The school hasn’t won an ACC game since 2004 (and worst yet, lost to ND this season), but is apparently pursuing Vanderbilt coach Bobby Johnson.

Duke Football Championship Pennant

But don’t get too excited Blue Devils fans, the fight for Coach K.’s shoeshine box also includes just-jettisoned UCLA coach Karl Dorrell, who somehow found a way at UCLA to make Bob Toledo look like Amos Alonzo Stagg.

UCLA Athletic Director Calls Karl Dorrell True Bruin Then Fires Him

“TRUE BRUIN” KARL DORRELL DUMPED AFTER FIVE YEARS: The LOS ANGELES TIMES reports today that Karl Dorrell has been fired by UCLA athletic director Dan Guerrero.

Karl Dorrell UCLA

Statement from Guerrero: “This was a very difficult decision for me. Karl has represented this program with dignity and class. He is a true Bruin and I respect what he has accomplished in his five years as our head coach, particularly off the field.“The folks at USC would certainly agree that Dorrell was a “true Bruin”, which is why they are so upset that he was fired.

MORE: “Boise State’s Chris Petersen, Texas Tech’s Mike Leach and former NFL coach Steve Mariucci have already been contacted by representatives on behalf of the athletic department. DeWayne Walker will be the Bruins’ interim coach for the Las Vegas Bowl on Dec. 22..

Carroll Approves of Dorrell’s Performance At UCLA

CARROLL GIVES CROSSTOWN KUDOS TO DORRELL’S DOINGS: The crew over at DUMP DORRELL have been searching for reasons to oust the UCLA football coach. And now they may have found the best of them all - thanks to Pete Carroll:

Karl Dorrell Pete Carroll

T.J. Simers of the LOS ANGELES TIMES asked the USC coach about his Westwood counterpart, to which Pete replied that Karl has done a “fantastic” job:”They found ways to win and created an opportunity to win when a lot of other teams wouldn’t have….He’s found a way to keep his team together.”

Of course, besides last season, it helps that none of the Bruins’ wins have come at the expense of the Trojans.

Buckeyes Lloyd Carr sign

Obviously Carroll and the USC fans want to keep Dorrell around for the same reason Ohio State fans wanted Lloyd Carr to stay - both coaches haven’t had much success against their rivals.If your most hated opponents are satisfied with your own coach’s performance, it’s time for a change.

Blog-A-Roni: MLS Players Like Puppies & James Blunt

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Swedish fans

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Weis Rumored To Have Given Resignation To ND

IRISH COACH WEIS OFFERED TO SKIP OUT OF SOUTH BEND? As the season nears its end, the college football coaching rumors are twirling around fast & furious. It’s a foregone conclusion that Nebraska’s Bill Callahan will be leaving Lincoln, while UCLA’s Karl Dorrell may be all washed up in Westwood.

Callahan Franchione

Dennis Franchione might soon be emailing his VIP boosters that his time with Texas A&M is up, which may entice Tommy Tuberville to leave the Auburn Plains for College Station.Now Scott Wolf of INSIDE USC tosses the latest log on the coaching rumor fire, saying that Charlie Weis offered to resign, but Notre Dame wouldn’t accept:

We wouldn’t have tagged Charlie as a quitter, especially when it comes to eating. But if the Irish fall to Duke on Saturday, completing a winless season at home, maybe the whole school should just resign.On a side note, if the Dookies do manage to knock off Notre Dame, no one will be happier than offensive coordinator Peter Vaas.

The CHICAGO SUN-TIMES notes how the Blue Devils’ OC was ND’s QB coach last season, but was fired by Weis and replaced by former Irish signal-caller Rick Mirer.

Peter Vaas Charlie Weis

Vaas said the firing was a “surprise”, and Weis never gave any reasons for it. But Peter says he has moved on: “Charlie made a decision a year ago. It was a professional decision and one I’ve adjusted to and learned to accept. You move forward.”But we all know that deep down, Vaas has happy visions of voraciously vanquishing the villainous Veis, er, Weis.

LA Galaxy Will Not Let David Beckham Play in English Premier League

• THE LONDON SUN has a message from the L.A. Galaxy to the English Premier League:

No, you can’t have David Beckham back:

David Beckham

Not yours.

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Osi Umenyiora NY Giants

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Wyoming coach finger

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Gary Bettman

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Michael Jordan High On Life; Stephen Jackson Peace And Guns Tattoo

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Michael Jordan stoned

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Tattoo praying hands gun

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Lance Briggs Chicago Bears

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Utah UCLA football

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Tennis Manufacturer Wants In On Nintendo Wii Racket

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Prince Tennis Nintendo Wii rackets

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Arizona Diamondbacks rookie hazing

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ESPN analyst Keyshawn Johnson Unbiased in Hoping Notre Dame Loses

• Unbiased reporting? On Monday night’s “SportsCenter”, ESPN analyst and former USC receiver Keyshawn Johnson let his feelings be known about Notre Dame: “I hope they lose the rest of their games the rest of their season.”

Notre Dame Keyshawn Johnson

• Speaking of the Fightless Irish, Jay Mariotti of the CHICAGO SUN-TIMES sees Charlie Weis fleeing the Golden Dome for the Meadowlands, so he can run the New York Giants (into the ground, we assume).

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SbB Girl Anyssa Outside Rose Bowl USC UCLA Game

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SportsByBrooks Girls Bobby Grich

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Alabama fans

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