A-Rod & Wife Split Up; K.C. No Wizards w/Women

• Are Alex Rodriguez and the little missus on the fast track to splitsville?

Alex Cynthia Rodriguez swimsuit photo

• The Kansas City Wizards sure know how to treat their female employees.

• What Dwyane Wade & Michael Beasley have is a failure to communicate.

• It’s dangerous to come between a man and his woman, but it’s even worse to come between a Razorback and his scooter.

• No one is safe from Joe Maddon’s “Devil Rays” dollar fine - not even John Challis, the Pennsylvania teen battling terminal cancer.

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KC Wizards Harassed Women By Drafting Them?

The MLS’s Kansas City Wizards is getting treated with a sexual harassment lawsuit by former employee Kathryn Carver, the KANSAS CITY STAR reports.

Wizards woman draft

Carver cites two of the team’s vice presidents, Greg Cotton and Robert Thomson, Jr. for, among other things, “[holding] “drafts” of young female employees with whom they would want to have sex.” Read more…