Corey Hart’s Daughter A Bit Young For Beer Bath

Ryleigh Hart is a bit young to be taking a beer bath from the Brewers.

Corey Hart protecting daughter from beer bath

• The Atlanta community theater is proud to present “Oklahoma!”, starring Falcons draft picks Matt Ryan & Sam Baker.

• A male synchronized swimmer is angry that he won’t get to join the ladies at the Olympics.

• Meanwhile, another Olympic swimmer isn’t going to let testicular cancer stop him from going to Beijing.

• About time we had another minor league managerial meltdown.

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Boston Sportscaster Allegedly Beaten by Boyfriend

There’s more news today on the disturbing allegations coming from Boston by Julie Donaldson, WHDH-TV sportscaster, about her boyfriend, Ivan Lattimore. (Lattimore is a professional slamball player.) The BOSTON HERALD points out the possible effects of the escalating number and nature of the new revelations.

Julie Donaldson

With new facts about Donaldson’s heavy drinking during the day and evening in question, inviting multiple women back to her apartment to keep partying, and the fact that she’s still technically married (though the paperwork is nearly complete, according to Donaldson), questions about her ability to continue as a high-profile sportscaster are raised by the HERALD.
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