Sabbath Could End Jewish HS Team’s Playoff Run

If a Jewish high school basketball team reaches the regional championship, they might have to forfeit since the game is on a Saturday.

Jewish high school basketball team

Saturday, March 8, is the tentative date for that game. But Jewish law forbids athletic activity from Friday sundown to Saturday sundown, and the Colorado High School Athletic Association has denied a request from the school asking to move the date of the game. Read more…

NASCAR Fans “Curse” Jewish Driver In Bible Belt

You think it’s hard enough for an African-American to succeed in NASCAR. Try being Jewish.

Jewish race car

The JERUSALEM POST has the story of Jon Demming, a racing hopeful who’s not hiding his Hebrew faith. The 20-year-old driver from New Jersey is trying to add a little Semitic spice to a white-bread sport.

During his run around the lower Southern circuit, Demming heard plenty of insults from the crowds: People would curse Jews and put down minorities.”

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