The NY Post Loves Our Mad Animated Gif Skillz

Yesterday we posted a video that featured a cockfight involving Pedro Martinez and Juan Marichal in the Dominican Republic. The video has since been taken down. Here’s the animated gif we created to link the video:

Pedro Martinez Juan Marichal Cockfight

The ASSOCIATED PRESS then reported on the video a few hours after we linked it (which we first spotted on HOME RUN DERBY). Keep in mind the video was not uploaded to Youtube on the day we linked it. It had already been on the site for some time. We’re guessing the AP found the old video through SbB or Home Run Derby, which is fine. We really don’t expect credit on something like that.

But then earlier today Cathy Burke and Tom Liddy of the NEW YORK POST reported on the video as well, including this animated gif (bottom right):

NY Post Steals SbB Animated Gif Of Cockfighting

Look familiar? Hi Cathy and Tom!

Cool Card Collectible: Rudy Rooting With Red Sox

We offer evidence of another pumped-up day in the world of sports:

• Topps shows what a bunch of cards they are by inserting Rudy Guiliani into the Red Sox’s World Series celebration:

Rudy Guiliani Red Sox Card

• HBO is cancelling “Inside The NFL”, denying us the chance to see more manic Marino tantrums.

Jeremy Shockey has better things to do than attend some silly Super Bowl parade.

Terrelle Pryor said he wouldn’t choose his school on Wednesday, but others are trying to make the choice for him.

Pedro Martinez & Juan Marichal do enjoy themselves a good cockfight:

Pedro Martinez cockfighing

(Pedro handling his cock before the big fight)

True to his word, Shaq doesn’t let Steve Nash down.

• Like the SEC gals and Big East boys, the Green Bay Packers experience their own teleconferencing fun.

• ESPN needs to hire a spellchecker for the “PTI” graphics guys.

Video: Pedro, Marichal, Do Love Their Cockfighting

Very sad video sent over by HOME RUN DERBY today that features Pedro Martinez and Juan Marichal involved in what appears to be a professionally sanctioned cockfight somewhere in the Dominican Republic:

Pedro Martinez Juan Marichal Cockfight

The video is not for the faint of heart. Unless you’re from Louisiana or BFF’s with Roy Jones, Jr.