ESPNer Fomenting Kobe Bryant Infidelity Rumors

National Kobe Week continues with very little beef, leaving Kobe Bryant wishing Memorial Day could have extended for another few weeks. Maybe through the Finals. Or until the Olympics so he could be in Beijing for this.

First, THEDIRTY would like all of us to know that 18-year-old Vanessa Curry, a very-recently-former Los Angeles Lakers cheerleader, has been dismissed from her duties as a Laker Girl for fraternizing with Kobe.

Kobe Bryant and Lakers cheerleader

(See? Photoshop says it happened! That’s how you know it’s true!)

Which is possible. We guess. There’s not a lot to back the story at the moment. Cheerleader joins team this season; cheerleader quits during playoff run. She must have… slept with Kobe. Of course. No one ever gets fired for other reasons and agrees to call it “a mutual understanding” to save face, like 90% of NBA head coaches. Even Kobe finds that to be an impressive leap.

Now, a report from the personal blog of Laura Lane, an ESPN writer (and what’s with the side blogs from ESPNers these days?), about how Vanessa Bryant used naughty words against Ms. Lane for… who knows?

Mrs. Bryant declares this writer has no “journalism ethics”. Ms. Lane then spends 400 words telling us about her journalism degree and what a lousy mother and dresser Mrs. Bryant is.

We can only come to one conclusion about this swirl of rumors, innuendo, and discussion of journalism degrees from “one of the top Universities in the nation”:

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