Could Mountain Fires Extinguish Dodgers Game?

It’s quite a sight watching the fires burn in the mountains just northeast of Los Angeles. During the day, huge plumes of smoke rise as if a new Mount St. Helens has been established in Southern California. And at night, bright lines of orange crisscross through the mountain tops. As pretty as it may look, it’s still a pain to deal with.

los angeles mountain fires

Although the fires themselves aren’t directly threatening L.A. proper - not yet, anyway - it’s still causing plenty of discomfort, as the air is smokier & dirtier than what it normally is. So now might not be the best time sitting outside for extended periods of time - like, say, at a 3-hour baseball game.

But it will take more than raging wildfires to deter the Dodgers from fulfilling their civic duty and play their way to another NL West title.

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