Cuban Confirms Concern over Howard’s ‘Partying’

There’s been plenty of speculation that one of the reasons Mark Cuban traded Josh Howard to the Wizards last week was his concern about Howard’s partying. More specifically, Howard missing a recent game because he was hung over. Cuban addressed that on the Dan Patrick Show today:

Josh Howard Mark Cuban

Cuban also talked about former Maverick Josh Howard missing a game because he was hung over. Cuban said that he thought Howard could have done more to play that day.

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Cuban: Players Used To Smoke Weed At Halftime

Leave it to Mark Cuban to slyly drop a bomb deep down in an interview about the changing role of media in the NBA. In an interview with Jonah Ballow, the Timberwolves writer for, Cuban defended players’ freedom to send out tweets on Twitter during halftime because, “… Before I took over for the Mavs back in the day they used to drink and smoke in the locker room, so I can think of worse things.”

mark cuban laughing

(He’ll tell you the joke on Twitter later … after he finishes smoking a joint)

That’s right, evidently before Cuban owned the Mavs, players used to sit around puffing ganja in the locker room at halftime, while sipping a 40. Or so he says. Making matters more amazing is that Ballow, somehow, doesn’t follow up with another question about drinking or smoking weed. How, in God’s name, does he not follow up when the most outspoken owner in professional sports says his team used to drink and smoke weed before he got there? How can that man be a reporter?

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Ricky Williams Doesn’t Do Buds During Bye Week

Ricky Williams really wanted to get high during the Dolphins’ bye - but the RB had the strength to spike such smoky thoughts.

Ricky Williams Just Say No

• The Steelers & Ravens really played some smashmouth football Monday night - along with smashed legs, smashed shoulders, smashed knees, etc.

• Oakland Raiders assistant Randy Hanson says Lane Kiffin was trying to sabotage his career. Well, Randy won’t have to worry about that anymore.

• A school that hasn’t even played its first basketball game has fired their coach - for excessive swearing, dammit.

Josh Howard says he’s sorry he talked smack about the Star Spangled Banner.

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Josh Howard Changes Mind, Now Loves America

A couple of weeks ago Dallas Mavericks forward Josh Howard got into a bit of hot water when a video of him saying he didn’t celebrate the national anthem because he’s black popped up on YouTube. Personally, I don’t think Howard meant anything by his statement, and that he was just goofing around. I mean, it was his offseason, so he was probably high anyway.

Still, the statements caused enough of a stir that even Ron Artest felt the need to send a letter to the SACRAMENTO BEE sharing his thoughts on the situation. I don’t know about you, but anytime I do something and Ron Artest feels the need to come to my defense, I know I messed up. Which is probably why Josh suddenly feels the need to proclaim his love for America.

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Blog-O-Rama: Arroyo Has Baseball On His Mind

• POPO IN MY CRIB can see that despite suffering through another rotten Reds season, Bronson Arroyo still has baseball on his mind.

Bronson Arroyo Reds baseball on mind

Mark Cuban tried to explain Josh Howard’s Star-Spangled Slam over on his blog, but the Mavs owner didn’t realize what a firestorm he unleashed.

• Stephanie Stradley of AOL FANHOUSE wonders if the Texans can do for Hurricane Ike victims what the Saints did for Katrina victims.

• UNI WATCH looks back on the career of sports illustrator Lon Keller, the guy who created the Yankees’ famous hat logo.

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Padres Rookies Turned Into Horrid Hooters Girls

• In the most horrible of MLB hazings, the Padres’ rookies get dressed up as Hooters Girls. Isn’t playing for San Diego embarrassing enough already?

Padres rookies dressed as Hooters girls

*Editor’s note: We’re sorry for sharing such a terrifying image. Please enjoy the following photo as a token of our sincerest apologies:

SbB Girls Vanessa Hillary Kim  at Las Vegas Hooters

(SbB Girls Vanessa, Hillary and Kim make it all better)

Ron Artest says Josh Howard’s stunning comments about the Star-Spangled Banner are an indictment of America’s education system.

• What do you do when your team sucks & no one’s coming out to the games? If you’re the Washington Nationals, you cut payroll by $20 million.

• Staying in the District, Agent Zero will be out of action until December, as Gilbert Arenas needs knee surgery again.

• No Tiger at the Ryder? No problem, as long as Boo Weekley is around to cause chuckles around the course.

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Artest Blames Howard’s Anthem Rant on Education

Derek Jeter was right: the cell phone is the bane of the modern pro athlete. Then again, Jeter isn’t stupid enough to get caught slamming the National Anthem on a cell phone video that is going to then be uploaded to YouTube and seen by millions of people. It would take a real idiot to have something like that happen.

Josh Howard Mavericks

Why hello, Josh Howard! THE SPORTING NEWS reports that the talented but troubled Mavericks player is in hot water again after video has surfaced of him at Allen Iverson’s charity flag football event in July saying he doesn’t “celebrate” the National Anthem because he’s black, and then mumbles something unintelligible about Barack Obama. You can watch for yourself after the jump:

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Blog Jam: Your Guide to the Girls of Action Games

  • In honor of the X Games, MAXIM brings us the 8 Hottest Girls of Action Sports. Sadly, most of them are not participating in the actual X Games, but feel free to include them in on your X Games fantasy teams.

Erica Hosseini

  • Josh Howard is arrested for driving 40 miles per hour over the speed limit and THE BIG LEAD is all over it.
  • Team USA’s beating of Lithuania was capped off by Dwayne Wade’s windmill dunk off an alley-oop from Chris Paul. Video courtesy of INTENTIONAL FOUL after the jump.

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Mavs’ Mark Cuban Admits To Minor Marijuana Use

With the way Mark Cuban sometimes carries on, many fans must wonder, “What’s this guy smoking?” The answer, of course, is marijuana.

Mark Cuban Fetish Porn

Tom Ziller of AOL FANHOUSE tokes up news that the Mavericks owner admitted he managed a little mary jane consumption in the past. Cuban’s confession came during a recent visit to Dan Patrick’s radio show (still live in three markets!) , where the duo were discussing Josh Howard’s purported post-season pot use.

Patrick asked Cuban if he cares whether Howard smokes or not. And Mark was honest in his answer: Read more…

Johnson Jettisoned From Mavericks Coaching Job

Guess there are some Boston baseball beauties that can knock your sox off.

Avery Johnson now has time to attend all those Josh Howard parties.

Avery Johnson

Will Mark D’Antoni also be available for appearances?

• Some grouchy media dinosaurs use Bob Costas’ HBO show to growl about the sports blogosphere.

• But they don’t understand the true power of the Internet, as in the case of a small-college football player using YouTube to get himself drafted by the Eagles.

Maria Sharapova finally meets Anna Kournikova - about 3-5 years too late for most of the media to care.

• Sisters are doing it for themselves - especially when it comes to softball sportsmanship.

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