Greek Team Desperate To Dump Josh Childress?

The prominent Greek all-sports website RedPlanet reported last weekend that due to Greece’s collapsed economy and changing tax laws, Olympiakos is ready to jettison 27-year-old Josh Childress back to the United States.

Josh Childress May Depart Greece

The second is Josh Childress and the main problem has to do with a lot of money , which has to take into next season. More specifically , the U.S. should get 7 million dollars, which is huge and they can be obtained at least two frontline players , maybe three.

For this reason , as the newspaper LIGHT , the agenda was informed that it has no problems finding the Olympic team in the NBA and continue his career with the same player has deadline until July 15 to respond.

Approximate flight of ” Chilli ” solves the problem of government, but if left will cry as well, as proven by the U.S. is a good player and started high standard apodisis a large part of the season.

Translation: Childress has until July 15 to make up mind if he wants to forgo his final season in Greece and return to the U.S., where the Atlanta Hawks currently own his NBA rights. The “government” problem refers to tax laws set to go into effect in Greece that will double duties paid by pro athletes to the Greek government. Read more…

Speed Read: Playoffs Ruin The Regular Season?

One of the arguments I’ve heard over and over about keeping the current BCS system in college football is that a playoff would make the regular season irrelevant. Why get fired up about USC losing to Oregon State if they are still going to make it into the playoffs? The traditionalists, conference heads and Beano Cook all agree that college football already has a playoff called the regular season, and a postseason playoff would only tarnish it and make it unimportant.

Michigan State players react to Northwestern loss

Allow me to offer a counter argument based on last night’s college basketball results. Go tell the Northwestern basketball fans (and yes, they do exist) that the regular season doesn’t matter because it’s all about March Madness. In what might be the greatest day in Northwestern basketball history (and possibly the only great day in Northwestern basketball history), the Wildcats beat No. 7 Michigan State 70-63, their first win at East Lansing since 1984.

Or, go ask Virginia Tech fans if they are excited about knocking off No. 1 Wake Forest 78-71, handing the Demon Deacons their first loss of the season (that is if you can get them off the court.) Or Clemson fans how they feel about their team extending their record at North Carolina to 0-54 after getting shellacked 94-70 by the Tar Heels in a match-up of Top Ten teams.

But clearly, nobody cares about college basketball until March, which is why ESPN has about 500 games on a night across their vast network of channels. Seriously, this logic is as flawed as the BCS system itself - college basketball is thriving because of March Madness, not in spite of it, and nights like last night serve as a pretty stark reminder why.

The NBA also has a playoff at the end of the regular season, and people seem to be watching that as well (at least the final three minutes or so of games). And it was a pretty fun night there, too, if not as upset-filled. For example, the Lakers beating the Clippers 108-97? Not a surprise.

Andrew Bynum

But Andrew Bynum going off for 42 points and 15 rebounds? Big surprise. The Lakers are already among the league’s elite teams. If they get anything resembling that kind of production from Bynum on a regular basis, it’s a scary proposition for the rest of the NBA.

Here’s the other sports news you missed last night as you were still stuck in traffic trying to get back from the Presidential Inauguration:

  • With all the great basketball finishes last night, the best one was certainly in the SMU vs. Marshall game, where Markel Humphrey made a 75-foot shot as time expired to give the Thundering Herd a 53-50 victory. WSAZ-TV has the story and video.
  • Marshall player Markel Humphrey

  • You might remember the Greek basketball team Olympiakos when they lured Josh Childress from the Hawks and made a big money offer to Kobe Bryant. Now NEWSDAY is saying that they have contacted the Knicks about getting Stephon Marbury out of his contract and over to their team. I wonder if they buy cheap sneakers in Athens, too.
  • Rod Marinelli isn’t bitter at the Detroit media. No, not at all. MLIVE.COM says the new defensive line coach for the Bears greeted some male Detroit writers who approached him at the Senior Bowl with a curt “Hello, Ladies” before ignoring them. Needless to say, a women’s sports group has already squeezed an apology out of him. Hey, he might not like the Detroit media, but at least he didn’t steal their luggage.
  • Ever see the scores of one of those ridiculous high school basketball blowouts and wonder what it feels like to be unceremoniously thrashed? The DALLAS MORNING NEWS talks to the players on the Dallas Academy’s girls basketball team after their 100-0 loss on Tuesday to find out.
  • OK, I understand that Stanford might be having budget woes, as INSIDE BAY AREA reports. But they have a squash team? What’s next, racquetball? Kickball?
  • I imagine being a ball boy is a rough job - physically demanding, pressure-filled, and having to deal with your friends’ jokes about your job title. So what you probably don’t need is to take a forehand to the head, like STUFF NEW ZEALAND says this poor kid did at the Australian Open:
  • After getting ripped by Troy Aikman, who said that he didn’t “fully grasp what being the Cowboys quarterback is all about,” Tony Romo tells the DALLAS MORNING NEWS that he has vowed to change his leadership style in 2009. The first step: personally delivering a Singapore-style caning to anyone who speaks to Ed Werder.
  • With Charles Barkley having exited the broadcast booth (temporarily or permanently), it’s fallen on Chris Webber and Gary Payton to pick up the slack of slightly insane basketball analysts, and they are doing a fair job of it. NESW SPORTS has video of them slamming Nene for getting married over the All-Star break, which devolves into suggesting that Dwight Howard dunk over him and his bride. Good stuff.
  • In yet another example of the failing economy intruding into the protective bubble we call sports, the CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER reports that the Browns have laid off 18 employees, including their Director of Media Relations. Perhaps Rod Marinelli could handle a second job?
  • A high school basketball coach in Philadelphia tells the PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS that he doesn’t blame his player who sucker punched him in the back of the head following a close loss, but feels for him. If only my old boss was so forgiving after I kneed him in the groin after he cost us the Putnam Electronics deal.

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Joe Johnson Has Ridiculous Range, Ices Game

In yesterday’s scintillating NBA slate, probably the play of the day came from Atlanta’s Joe Johnson, who hit a long three pointer to seal a 95-88 victory against the Sixers. Wait, that description can’t possibly do justice to what Johnson did. Observe:

Joe Johnson Long Shot

That,  as you can probably guess, is Joe Johnson in the circle, shooting a, what, 35-foot jumper? In crunch time. And drilling it. Here’s the video if you want it (and I’m guessing you do).

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Greek Team To Offer Kobe Three Year $83M Deal

It looks like Josh Childress may not be the highest-paid player in Europe for long. In last Sunday’s NEW YORK TIMES, Olympiakos co-owner Panayiotis Angelopoulos issued a warning to NBA clubs thinking their players would stay stateside, saying (emphasis ours), “I think we’ll see a day when a superstar player comes to Europe, but to Olympiacos, not to another team,” he said. “That is my answer. Maybe it will be very soon. Maybe then you realize what I’m telling you is serious.”

Kobe Bryant smiling

Guess what? It appears that Olympiacos is, in fact, serious, as reports are surfacing that the club is preparing an offer for Kobe Bryant. We’re talking 60 million Euro (about $83 million right now) over 3 years. THE HOOP has more details on the perks of the contract, and they are pretty damned nice:

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Carlos Boozer Latest NBA Star Thinking of Europe

Apparently everybody on the U.S. Men’s Basketball team is under the impression that China is a country in Europe, because it’s been the only things on their minds lately. While Kobe Bryant and LeBron James have both publicly toyed with the idea of going overseas in a few years, I’m okay with the fact they don’t know China is located in Asia. After all, neither of them went to college.

Carlos Boozer thinking Euro

That being said, Utah Jazz forward Carlos Boozer went to Duke, so you would think he’d have a better idea about world geography. Of course, going to Duke did teach Carlos a thing or two about having and making money. Which is why when he was asked about the possibility of someday playing in Europe, he admitted to being open to it.

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Kobe Bryant May Create International Bidding War

For the second offseason in a row, Kobe Bryant is looking to give the Lakers fans and front office headaches. This time, however, he’s adding some international flair. The guard told YAHOO! SPORTS “that he won’t sign a contract extension with the Los Angeles Lakers until he has tested the global market,” on Saturday.

Kobe Bryant smiling

Bryant, who lived in Italy as a child and owns a stake in Olimpia Milano of the Italian League, says he plans to “solicit overseas offers before signing an extension.”

According to the report, Bryant could possibly leave the NBA for Europe in a dual role of owner and player as early as next summer. The Lakers have Bryant locked up until the 2010-11 season but the reigning MVP can opt out after next season.

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LeBron Would Consider Europe For $50M A Year

Everybody has a price. For Brett Favre, it’s somewhere north of $20 million; Kobe Bryant, $40 million; and for LeBron James, it’s $50 million per, apparently.

LeBron James in a suit

According to ESPN’s Chris Broussard, that’s all it would take to convince one of the NBA’s brightest stars to take his ball, go home, pack his bags, and catch a private jet to Europe to continue his professional career.

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Offseason Is Not Shaping Up Well for the Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks finally turned a corner in 2007-2008 when they made it to the playoffs. Sure, they only finished eighth overall in a very, very weak Eastern Conference, but they took the Boston Celtics to seven games and nearly had one of the biggest upsets in NBA history. Add in their incredibly awesome and youthful core of players and it’s pretty obvious they’re on the rise, right?

J Smoove

Yeah. About that. Josh Childress is already gone for Europe and while his minutes were relatively minimal, he’ll obviously be missed. But the bigger problem is that with all the free agent shifting from the offseason, somehow Josh Smith can’t get a raise and is suddenly going to demand a trade. If not demand, he’ll at least be in the position to force one, reports SEKOU SMITH of the AJC, who says the Hawks have already gotten several offers.

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Bengals QB Bashes Buckeyes; Buzz Brawls Again

Carson Palmer admits that Ohio State Buckeye fans really drive him nuts.

Carson Palmer Brutus Buckeye

• Not satisfied with cussing out Will Leitch, Buzz Bissinger gets into a scuffle with NCAA security over camera issues at the College World Series.

• Sooner State NBA fans, get ready to roll with the Oklahoma City Thunder!

• U.S. Olympians are trying to mask their concerns over Beijing’s pollution.

• An Iowa football recruit takes it all off for a flight on foot from police.

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Greece Is The Word For Atlanta’s Josh Childress?

Josh Childress is apparently so fed up with the Hawks, he’s willing to flee the country & play in Greece rather than spend another season in Atlanta.

Josh Childress Atlanta Hawks stretching

YAHOO SPORTS’ Adrian Wojnarowski reports that the free-agent forward is strongly considering a contract from Greek basketball club Olympiakos, and the money being offered to Josh could sure buy a whole lot of gyros.

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