Unexpected Performance Enhancer Kills HS Athlete

Of all the reasons to disapprove of performance-enhancing drugs in sports, one of the most compelling is the concern over the effect they may have on youths in sports. There’s no question that a teenager has no business injecting themselves with powerful steroids or other enhancers that could have unforeseen adverse effects on their still-growing body. In addition, an impatient kid is unlikely to cautiously heed the directions and dosages for use. It’s a dangerous combination.

For 16-year-old high school track athlete Joseph Loudon, it was a fatal one. Loudon died at a high school keg party after a combination of booze and performance enhancing drugs caused him to fatally choke on his own vomit. But Loudon wasn’t juiced up on HGH or steroids - his blood was found to have high levels of the erectile dysfunction drug papaverine.

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