Having Your Father In Your Corner Will Kill You

You would think that a headline like the above would be some sort of gross exaggeration or a misreading of the facts in a study. No no, good people, no no: daddy will make you dead without even wanting to. That’s the lesson from the World Boxing Council’s annual convention, where president Jose Sulaiman wants to ban fighters’ fathers from their corners.

Little Mac in the corner
(Brothers, on the other hand, are still allowed.)

The reason for something as extreme as that is a study conducted by the WBC that found that in most instances of a fighter dying in the ring, the fighter had his father in his corner - meaning that the facts suggest that the fathers didn’t have the independent judgment in those instances to call off the fight before the fighter was in mortal danger. Also a common theme was being repeatedly punched in the face and head by someone whose job it is to punch someone in the face and head, but that didn’t seem to be addressed.

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