And So We Say Adieu, AVP Cuervo Girls … Adieu

I’ve attended several AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tour events in my day, and so have come to appreciate the fine work of the Cuervo Girls. Not only does one have to have a body to fill out the uniform to be a Cuervo Girl, but a strong arm to reach the upper rows with promotional toys is also a must.

AVP Cuervo Girls

Sadly though, Jose Cuervo is no longer an AVP sponsor, and that means that the Cuervo Girls have been retired. It’s a curious turn of events, considering where the league is going with their main advertising campaign this year. ARE WE GOING TO STAND FOR THIS?!

Well, yes, we are. But we’re not very happy about it.

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Photos: ESPN’s Jon Barry Drinks In Cuervo Girls

Jon Barry likely doesn’t remember this night from last summer. Between booze, a round of golf, more drink and the door prize drawing, it can be hard to keep track of what occurred at a golf outing.

Jon Barry ESPN Cuervo girls

But these Flickr photos show the ESPN NBA analyst might have forgotten his golf game, but he really enjoyed the company of the Cuervo Girls.

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