Julius Jones: Seattle 10 Times Better Than Dallas

Julius Jones is really jiving with his new home. The ex-Cowboys RB, who signed with the Seahawks in the off-season, talks to the SEATTLE POST- INTELLIGENCER about plying his trade in the Pacific Northwest.

Julius Jones

In his first interview since joining Mike Holmgren’s crew, Jones gushed about how much he “likes it here” and how it’s “one of my favorite places to play”. He was especially enamored with Qwest Field, and how it compares to his previous workplace: Read more…

Holmgren Hanging Around Seattle For 1 More Year

The SEATTLE TIMES snows it’s good news that Mike Holmgren will be spending one more season with the Seahawks.

Mike Holmgreen

The coach announced on Tuesday that 2008 will be his last season in the Pacific Northwest. (Unless he gets a job with the CFL’s B.C. Lions.) But before he decided to stick it out, Mike had to get the okay from the wife.

Holmgren stated, “Kathy and I came to a decision this weekend to finish my contract, and we’re very happy about it,” while adding, “We’re going to go after it hard one more year.”

We’re sure the little missus likes to hear that. But did Mike make the right decision in coming back for an encore?

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Jones Soda Snags Another Arena Drink Deal With Nets New Home


Pepsi’s not the one.

In the never-ending battle to quench sports fans’ thirst, score one for the little guys again:

Jones Soda Nets Dancer

The PUGET SOUND BUSINESS JOURNAL guzzles news that Jones Soda will be the exclusive soft drink supplier for the New Jersey Nets’ new arena.Sources say the Seattle-based beverage maker has signed a seven-year deal to provide refreshment for the Barclays Center, which is scheduled to open in Brooklyn in 2009.

Jones Soda Seahawks label

It’s the second sports coup for the small drinks company, as Jones bubbled above Coke & Pepsi in winning the pouring rights to Seahawks Stadium.As the soda slingers have already put together a package honoring their hometown NFL team, we wonder what new beverages will be in store for Nets’ minders.

Jason Kidd family bath

Vince Carter Cola? Richard Jefferson Juice? Jason Kidd Kreamed Soda?

Jones Soda Secures Seahawks Stadium Soft Drink Pouring Rights Over Coke & Pepsi

WE PREFER OUR SODA WITH A HEAPING SIDE OF STUFFING: Jones Soda Company, best-known for its bizarre flavors (like Turkey & Gravy), has pulled the biggest upset we’ll probably see at an NFL stadium this year.

Jones Soda Seahawks label

The SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER reports the tiny (90 employees) beverage maker beat out Coca-Cola and Pepsi for exclusive soft drink pouring rights at QWest Field this season (the two behemoths still own pouring rights in the other 31 NFL buildings).

QWest Field

Apparently the big reason for the change was Jones’ ability to stamp bottles with images of Seahawks players and sell them at local retail outlets.

Coke Can

It’s a neat story, but my favorite part is this “quote” from a Coca-Cola spokeswoman: “While our partnership with the Seattle Seahawks has ended, our relationship with Seattle football fans have not. We look forward to continuing to refresh fans at tailgates, game-day parties and at their favorite sports bars.

Jones Soda

The only thing refreshing about a syrupy soda like Coke is the edge it takes off three fingers of Cutty.