Bynum Carrying Playboy Bunnies Above His Head

Andrew Bynum’s knee must be feeling a lot better, since the Lakers star is now strong enough to carry Playboy Playmates on his shoulders.

• Guess he finds that more fun than rehabbing with the Hoops Whisperer.

• Is there too much Twittering going on in the NBA ranks?

• One of the Oklahoma City Thunder owners has done such a good job, he awards himself with a $75 million bonus.

• Two men involved in an Internet scam were allegedly killed in a New York condo owned by ex-Jet Jonathan Vilma.

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Two Men Killed at NFLer Condo for Internet Scam

If someone on the Internet tries to sell you marked money at a discount, you should probably delete with extreme prejudice. In fact, we’re going out on a limb to suggest it’s always a bad idea.

Whatever you do, don’t buy the money (totally as a favor to help out poor African immigrants who just need help in a new land with their smuggled cash) and then find a box of paper unworthy of scrap notetaking.


(And if your money is supposed to arrive on these trucks…)

And if you thought that wasn’t bright, you definitely shouldn’t try to run such a scam. Otherwise, you might be shot in the head in Jonathan Vilma’s old Long Island condo from his New York Jets days. Those bullets are not fake.

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Dumber Friday Arrest: LB Vilma Or Texas Coach?

Admit it: We all love the Schadenfruede of watching prominent athletes and major figures in sports unravel in the hands of the law. As long as other human beings aren’t hurt, the entire experience is relatively harmless … except for the celebrities themselves, and they’re better financially equipped to deal with these crises than anyone else. That’s why, rather than tell you about one demoralizing, stupify Friday arrest, we’re going to tell you about two, then have you choose which one you think is worse. Think of it as the “Choose Your Own Adventure” of celebrity athlete stupidity! Prepare for tales of woe from former Jets-turned-Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma and Texas baseball coach Augie Garrido, one of the only coaches to win a national title at more than one school.

jonathan vilma intimidating
(You know, we’d be intimidated by Jonathan Vilma, too.)

Let’s start with Senor Vilma, the former Miami Hurricane who was arrested Friday afternoon. According to a police report obtained by the MIAMI HERALD, the former Pro Bowler was arrested for reckless driving and resisting arrest after allegedly leading police to pull him over after he nearly hit not one, but two different pedestrians. When police asked him to step outside his Range Rover because its windows were too tinted for them to see into, Vilma refused, leading to a confrontation where he moved aggressively toward an unarmed officer before being cuffed while thrashing and jailed for resisting arrest.

Garrido’s case is both less glamorous and more predictable. The man who turned Cal-State Fullerton into a baseball Titan before leaving for Austin was pulled over on West Sixth Street and arrested for driving while intoxicated either very late Friday night or early Saturday morning. Making matter worse, the AUSTIN AMERICAN STATESMAN has already determined exactly where he was — Eddie V’s and J. Black’s, both just off the famous Sixth Street party district — and how much he drank — five glasses of red wine — before he was pulled over.

So which incident is more embarrassing? Our analysis might surprise you.

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Vilma’s Velcome To Talk Trade - Except With Pats

The BOSTON GLOBE reports that the New York Jets are allowing Jonathan Vilma to test the trading waters, and the linebacker is free to chat with other teams - except the Patriots.

Jonathan Vilma Jets

Two sources close to Vilma say the Jets will let Jonathan “shop his services” to the 30 other NFL franchises, but not to the guys in New England. Apparently the Jets are still a bit miffed about that whole Spygate thing at the beginning of the season. Read more…

Pacman Jones To Enter No Contest Plea in Vegas Strip Club Shootings

PACMAN TO ENTER NO CONTEST PLEA IN VEGAS SHOOTING: If Pacman can’t win a free game, he’s willing to take a get-out-of-jail card.

Pacman Jones Allegedly Bites Bouncer At Las Vegas Strip Club

BLOOMBERG reports that the troubled Tennessee Titan plans on entering a plea of “no contest” to charges stemming from last year’s Vegas strip-club shooting.In return, Jones will receive a one-year suspended sentence, meaning no time spent in the Clark County slammer. He’s scheduled to enter his plea this Friday.

As Pacman reflects on the events at the Minxx Gentlemen’s Club on NBA All-Star Weekend, USA TODAY has an in-depth look inside strips clubs.

Strip Club

Oh, and the athletes that visit them.New York-based Scores said that sports stars like Jeremy Shockey, Oscar De La Hoya and Dennis Rodman have frequented their establishments. When asked about their visits, all three declined comment.

Some dancers refer to athletes as “ATM’s”, for their penchant to spend, spend, spend. Jose Canseco claims to have seen players spend “more than $10,000 a night on lap dances, private rooms, champagne toasts and tequila.”

ATM machine

Maybe he speaks from personal experience - and personal financial losses.Jets linebacker Jonathan Vilma warns about dangerous situations that can occur at such establishments: “You’ve got drunk guys, drunk girls, crowded areas. Things occur.”

But ex-Piston and “Best Damn Sports Show” host John Salley points out how athletes with money are drawn to strips clubs: “Where do you take warriors? To church? No, you take them around a bunch of scantily dressed women who make them feel like stars.”