Video: Kiffin’s Blindside Hit on Jonathan Crompton

Apparently Lane Kiffin didn’t feel Vanderbilt roughed up Tennessee quarterback Jonathan Crompton enough last night, so he did the honors:

Lane Kiffin Hits Jonathan Crompton On Tennessee Sideline

(WOW! (:23))

Or perhaps Kiffin was just acting out a fantasy nine out of ten Volunteer fans have on a weekly basis.

Video of Crompton exiting stage left after the jump.

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Vols Fans Send Death Threats To Their Own QB

There are two situations in which it’s acceptable to send death threats to a college football player: 1) After he has actually killed somebody; 2) there is no second option. Well, fine–yes, we see you down in Alabama, and fine, the Iron Bowl merits it every now and then. But only if the dogs don’t send a good enough message.

Jonathan Crompton
(With Florida’s defensive line, it’s not so much a threat, moreso a promise.)

Sending them to someone on “your” own team, however, is baffling. Sure, players suck every now and then, but even booing them is inappropriate as long as they’re trying hard. Nonetheless, according to the KNOXVILLE NEWS-SENTINEL, quarterback Jonathan Crompton received a series of harrassments, including multiple death threats over email during Tennessee’s miserable 5-7 campaign in 2008, mostly from Vols fans: Read more…