Moneyballer: Superfat Actor Can’t Have My Name

I’ve less than no interest in Hollywood’s hilariously impossible attempt to capture  Moneyball as a feature film - until now. Bad enough we’re required to buy Brad Pitt as Billy Beane, but now comes this newly-released photo of former A’s manager Art Howe being played by … wait for itPhilip Seymour Hoffman.

Art Howe and Philip Seymour Hoffman

(Works for me!)

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Ines Sainz Makes Watching Sports Much More Fun

Ines Sainz of TV Azteca: A sports reporter we can all get behind.

Ines Sainz

Phil Jackson makes Jonah Hill feel super bad during game: “Next time you move around during a play, I’ll kick you the f*** out of here!”

Ron Artest reenacts the Malice In The Palace for aspiring Chinese pop star Shin Shin. How nice nice of Ron Ron.

• British soccer club asks US firm to find a buyer for their team. Firm decides the best action is to sell the team by way of eBay.

Manny Ramirez & David Ortiz are among those named as testing positive for PEDs in 2003.

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‘Zen Master’ Dropped Effenheimers On Jonah Hill

We have a tendency to lionize certain super-successful sports figures, and perhaps rightly so. Phil Jackson must exist on a higher mental plane than you or I, since he’s the only coach to ever win as many rings as he has. Listen to all the stories about giving out books! Who gives out books? A genius, that’s who.

Jonah Hill Phil Jackson

(Kyle Orton wants his look back, sir.)

So when Jonah Hill was on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and telling stories about his primo seats at the Staples Center (and a Jack Nicholson he ain’t), we expected to hear about the mind-bending maxims coming from the venerable coach as he guided his team to yet another ring. We did not expect to hear the censor’s beep.

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