Unpack The Cargo Nets, The Arena League Is Back

It was a sad day about a month ago when the Arena Football League formally declared bankruptcy, closed its doors and rolled up its green indoor carpeting. But while one arm of the world’s most exciting air-conditioned sports league was laid to rest, the other, smaller portion of the league was left in indoor sports purgatory. What was to become of AFL2?

Arena Football League

The junior league completed its season, but was left to ponder its fate when the AFL closed shop. But the AFL2, in essence, is officially back for 2010, and they’re calling it the AFL1 (ack, confusing). The new league will include a bunch of the old AFL2 teams (Spokane Shock!), plus a handful of defunct AFL squads who want to jump on board. Read more…

It’s Over: No More Playing Football Indoors, Kids

And so we bid a teary adieu to the Arena Football League. Sad, really. Even though I attended only one of your games, I will miss you: Your comical end zone cargo netting, your basketball-like scores, your former UC Davis quarterback Mark Griebs. You had a good run. Now it’s the UFL’s turn.


In the end, news of the AFL’s final demise came the way we always thought it would: On Facebook. Tampa Bay Storm COO Jim Borghesi announced that the league was officially folding on his Facebook page on Saturday, and PRO FOOTBALL TALK says that it has sources that confirm that. So the plan to sit out 2009 and come back in 2010 has been thrown aside, and Football In Your Parents’ Garage is no more. Read more…

Is This The End For The Arena Football League?

I used to describe the Arena Football League as like playing football in your garage, only withouth the danger of running into sharp tools. But now the league — already on ice for the 2009 season — is in danger of crashing and burning completely. What is football without giant nets to bounce your errant field goal tries back into the field of play? We might be about to find out.

The league is about $14 million in debt and may have to filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, according to SPORTS BUSINESS JOURNAL. Mid-July would usually be playoff time in the AFL, but team owners voted to suspend the 2009 season due to financial duress, with the intention of regrouping and coming back strong in 2010. But the AFL has laid off almost its entire staff, and is showing no real signs of life.

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Springsteen Not Paid For Super Bowl Performance

Yesterday I told you what Bruce Springsteen’s Super Bowl setlist was going to be, and that the Steelers would win a close one over the Cardinals.

Bruce Springsteen Super Bowl performance

(Springsteen at Super Bowl was free, but upcoming stadium shows? Not-so-much)

Now I’ve learned that the stunning performance by Springsteen at the Big Bowl came on the cheap. Make that very cheap. Read more…

Arena Football League Cancels 09 Season… Again

If the Arena Football League was a person it would no doubt be diagnosed as bi-polar. Last week news broke that the league was going to have to cancel its 2009 season due to financial problems faced by the league’s teams thanks to this wonderful economy of ours.  Then, a day later, the league came out and said that it wouldn’t be canceling the season, and the five people who became suicidal after hearing the season may be canceled breathed a sigh of relief.

(Poor Bon Jovi will have to return to his regular groupies)

Well, now those same five people are checking the knots in their nooses again. Though the official announcement isn’t expected until later today, after a vote was taken by the owners in the league on Sunday night, it’s been decided that the 2009 season will be canceled after all.

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Arena Football League Suspending 2009 Season?

A lot of silly professional sports leagues have come and gone over the past 25 years, which makes it all the more impressive that the Arena Football League has been operating pretty much uninterrupted since 1987 and even rising to the point of having a national network TV deal (even if the deal wasn’t very lucrative).

Arena League cheerleaders

(This might be the last you see of the AFL Championship trophy)

Famous owners jumped on board, like Bon Jovi and John Elway, and old-school franchises in places like Albany and Des Moines were phased out to expand to bigger markets and become more of a “major” sport. But it looks like it’s all coming to an end, as the AFL is close to becoming the first pro league to fall victim to the current economic crisis, if a couple of reports are to be believed. The league, however, isn’t conceding anything.

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AFL Going Under? Internet Reports, You Decide

You know it’s a slow news day when the Internet rumor mill deigns to discuss Arena Football. And normally the AFL would be thrilled that people are even talking about them, but probably not this time; the scuttlebutt has the league alternately contracting, suspending operations, or shutting down altogether.

Jon Bon Jovi and Ron Jaworski

(The AFL is indeed, if rumor is to be believed, livin’ on a prayer.)

The sum total of the sources right now appears to be two players on the Columbus Destroyers, and a reader of the COLUMBUS DISPATCH with a “friend with close ties to one of the west coast teams.” So let’s not get our britches tied in a knot just yet. Still, there are plenty of reasons to think the AFL might be in some serious trouble.

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Jaws Harpooned In Golf Course Takeover Lawsuit

Ron Jaworski, former Philadelphia Eagles QB, has been plenty busy since retiring from the NFL in 1989.

Ron Jaworski Caddyshack

He’s best known for his role as ESPN’s resident football Rain Man, breaking down game film like he’s Raymond Babbitt talking about Wapner. But Jaws also landed the MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL analyst gig last year, and owns part of the Arena Football League’s Philadelphia Soul along with Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora. In addition to all that, he manages two golf courses, and is in the process of adding a third, Running Deer Golf Club.

Which seems harmless enough - except that Running Deer is bringing Mr. Jaworski to court.

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TBS Thinks Yanks Are Headed To The Postseason

Does anything scream Major League Baseball like that dude from “Moonlight and Valentino” singing a country music song? (Correct answer: Yes, everything.)

TBS loves Yankees

More impressive than Jon Bon Jovi — the visionary responsible for Slippery When Wet — getting all countrified in this TBS spot for the upcoming playoffs, is the breaking news that the Yankees are “expected to be competing in this year’s postseason.” Video evidence after the jump.

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Bon Jovi Kicks Man City Out of UEFA Home Match

Just when the Euro 2008 had finally finished, another European soccer tournament is getting ready to kick off - the UEFA Cup (not to be confused with the UEFA Champions League, we think). And Manchester City (not to be confused with Manchester United) gets an interesting first-round draw.

Manchester City soccer Jon Bon Jovi

The English club will travel to the Faeroe Islands, a Denmark-owned archipelago in the North Atlantic, to face local club Streymur on July 17. However, Man City won’t be able to host their Faeroese foes in a return match on their own home turf - since Jon Bon Jovi tore it up.

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