Scandal Means Johnny Damon ‘Can’t Pay His Bills’

Johnny Damon took home $13M from the Yankees last year and no doubt has banked considerably more throughout his baseball career. But he told Ken Rosenthal of that at present, “I can’t pay bills right now.”

Johnny Damon

Xavier Nady, who made $6.55M last season? Same deal.


The issues facing Damon and Nady — both New York Yankees outfielders and both clients of agent Scott Boras — stem from the alleged $8 billion fraud scheme involving billionaire financier Robert Allen Stanford.

Damon, 35, and Nady, 30, told on Friday morning that their finances are frozen because of money they have with a Stanford company.

On Monday, the Securities and Exchange Commission froze all assets of three entities — Stanford International Bank, Stanford Group Co., and Stanford Capital Management — all managed by Robert Allen Stanford. Those were the only three entities whose assets were frozen, according to the SEC filing.

Holy You-Know-What. So, does that mean their life savings are in jeopardy? Read more…