Goodell To LA NFL Guys: ‘We’re Just Not Into You’

Yesterday Roger Goodell obliterated the L.A. NFL bid by Majestic Realty’s Ed Roski and John Semcken with one seemingly innocuous, though telling statement:

NFL Wannabes Ed Roski Jr.

“The key issue is the challenges of financing a facility in this environment with the labor agreement that we have. The cost of building that stadium is almost entirely on the ownership and that is a big burden to pay in this type of environment.”

Why is that statement by Goodell a clear indication that the NFL has no intention of partnering with Roski and Semcken? Because before Goodell said that, he already knew that Roski and Semcken were more than capable of financing the deal privately with their own money.

To drive that point home, Semcken told the PASADENA STAR NEWS after Goodell’s statement:We have zero concern about our ability to finance the building. We know what the numbers are and we know how we are going to do it.“ 

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How-Not-To-Get-A-NFL-Team-In-Los-Angeles 101

L.A. TIMES NFL writer Sam Farmer had this Tweet yesterday, which continued to support my assertion that Ed Roski’s big to bring an NFL team to the City of Industry has never been a serious one - despite wall-to-wall media coverage to the contrary:

Blinky Flash Animation + Baseless Bloviation = Media Coverage!

Roski’s right-hand man says NFL team will be playing in new LA stadium by 2013 and we can “take it to the bank.

If that sounds familiar it should, because Roski’s same “right-hand man”, John Semcken, said basically the same thing about the Vikings moving to L.A. - under the auspices of Roski’s stadium bid - in 2009.

At that time I noted that anyone who had a legit chance to bring a NFL team to L.A. would never make such a definitive public statement without some sort of confirmation from the NFL. And in the case of the Vikings, I was right. Owner Zygi Wulf quickly rebuffed Semcken’s baseless statements about his team move to Roski’s fake, blinky stadium.

Now we get another blaring proclamation from Semcken (and Roski by association). The type of proclamation that the L.A. Times’ Farmer confirms Roger Goodell despises. Read more…

Brog: Vikings Rebuff LA Billionaire NFL Wannabe

Two of the primary guys trying to bring the NFL to L.A., Ed Roski and John Semcken, have been out banging pots and pans this week, trying to get the local media to bite on their latest claim that an NFL team will move to L.A. in time to play the 2009 season.

NFL Wannabes Ed Roski Jr.

Like lemmings, the SAN GABRIEL VALLEY (CA) TRIBUNE picked up comments by Semcken today, as part of an essentially baseless report:

Developer Ed Roski Jr.’s business partner says he has “no doubt” a National Football League team will play in Los Angeles in 2009, most likely at the Rose Bowl. Majestic Realty Vice President John Semcken also said he believes there is a possibility two NFL teams could wind up playing in the $800 million stadium Roski wants to build in Industry.

“We are going to have a team here next September,” Semcken said Tuesday afternoon.

There’s absolutely no credible evidence to suggest that an NFL team is poised to move to Los Angeles anytime soon. If there was, I’d know about it, or it would’ve leaked by now.

Not coincidentally, the MINNY STAR-TRIBUNE and ST. PAUL PIONEER-PRESS report tonight that new-stadium-less Vikings Owner Zygi Wilf was recently contacted by Roski about moving the team to Los Angeles - and had no interest. (Heritage clubs like the Vikes will never move - see Cleveland Browns.)

That’s not to say that a team moving here in the next couple years is outside the realm of possibility. But baseless bellowing by Roski and Semcken will do nothing to speed the process. I still bet that the fine gents over at AEG may have a role in bringing a team here before it’s all over. Their biggest problem? They won’t grab their ankles for the league and egomaniacal local yocal politicians.

Sports blogs like SbB have forever been accused by main media of going overboard with the T & A. Usually, when posting photos of the female form, we have a legit sports angle. (OK, not always.) But I find it rather ironic that many of those same (rapidly-fossilizing) finger pointers are now doing what we’ve long been accused of.

Detroit News' Traffic Grab(a$$)

Take for instance the venerable DETROIT NEWS, and its “Sideline Satire” section. I’ll bet you didn’t know that an enormous collection of cropped-off pics of female Olympic athlete a$$es qualified as satire these days.

Apparently it does in Detroit.

Olympic Fatty

Whoops! How’d that get through?

And just how serious is the editorial staff at the ST. PETERSBURG TIMES about servicing their readers in the middle of the night when the wife is asleep with football about to hit?

Jenn Sterger

(Reminds me, where’s that sock I left the orange in?)

They’ve hired Jenn Sterger to do football picks. I’m assuming she’ll be steering clear of Jets games, seeing as all the inside team hotel rooms info she’ll be privy to.

Seriously fellas, if you’re going to try to post random, gratuitous girlie pics with a laughably flimsy sports connex, step aside and let a professional show you how it’s done:

Busty Baseball Girl

TMZ has been cornering the sports celeb gossip market lately, this time with an exclusive on Tom Brady’s recent Brentwood real estate purchase. Brady, along with his girlfriend Gisele Bundchen, just dropped $11M on a residential lot in the city O.J. made (in)famous.

The two are planning a 20,000 square foot home together, which is apparently intended to allow Brady to be closer to the infant son he had with Bridget Moynihan (Moynihan’s reps denied the assertion).

Meanwhile, in another QB-related land grab, Tony Romo just spent a paltry $699K on his new DFW spread.

Gisele Bundchen Jessica Simpson

Let’s see, $20M+ to live with Gisele Bundchen or $699K to live with Jessica Simpson?

Earlier this week, Ticketmaster said it planned to attempt to expand its business (a “major push“) in China.

L.A.-based Barry Rudin, the largest ticket broker on the west coast and SbB sponsor, told me Wednesday, “I don’t think there is much to sell in China. There is however a lot of money there. I would have to see what events will sell well. I think certain concerts and sporting events could work. However, you are completely at the mercy of the government.

Last sentence is something the IOC and the accompanying media came to realize the last couple weeks.

FYI: I’ll be at the UCLA-Tennessee game at the Rose Bowl on Barry’s dime this Monday night, with a live blog on SbB (and a SbB Girl in tow!).  Don’t be a stranger.

A.J. Daulerio of DEADSPIN tracks down an interoffice letter apparently from Roger Ebert of the CHICAGO SUN-TIMES to the dearly departed Jay Mariotti.

Ebert: “On your way out, don’t let the door bang you on the ass.

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