Sterling Needs To Work on His Ice Cream Etiquette

• Better grab your dessert before Yankees announcer John Sterling gets his hands on it - literally.

John Sterling ice cream

• The Warriors may have missed out on Elton Brand, but they did capture a Clipper in Corey Maggette.

Manny Ramirez earns $49.56 just for forgetting to cash a $10,000 check.

David Cutcliffe is determined to clean up the Duke football program - and the campus, too.

• One thing A-Rod & John Rocker have in common - making it with fitness model Alicia Marie.

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John Rocker Batting Clean Up For Alex Rodriguez

The latest twist in the Alex Rodriguez saga brings us the ex-girlfriend of John Rocker, fitness model Alicia Marie. The 2004 Miss Bikini Universe tells the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS about her relationship to A-Rod.

ARod Alicia Marie John Rocker

(Rocker, ARod apparently both possess “orange in a sock” fetish) 

If she was trying to go to bat for Rodriguez she failed miserably. Alicia Marie explains the situation the best way she can.

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Devean George Makes a Mess Of Mavs-Nets Trade

If Roger Clemens gets a presidential pardon, we want one, too.

• Who would’ve thought Devean George would be such a power player in NBA trade talks?

Devean George hanging on hoop

• Meanwhile, the Association is gazing across the pond, as there’s plans to put teams in Europe.

Len Pasquarelli must like his job, as the ESPN writer is back at work after quintuple-bypass surgery.

• But Dan Patrick isn’t as gung-ho about the Worldwide Leader, as he takes a jab at his ex-employer & Chris Berman.

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Former Rangers GM Responds To Rocker’s Claims

NEW YORK NEWSDAY tracks down John Hart, as the former Texas Rangers GM responds to John Rocker’s allegations that the team & union told him and other players how to take steroids.

John Hart Former Texas Rangers GM

Hart, who served as GM from 2001 to 2005, said he “absolutely did not have any idea” that Rocker had previously failed a drug test in 2000. And Hart was even more dumbfounded at accusations that the team would be giving out steroid advice: Read more…

Danica Patrick Gets A Little Racy For SI Photo Op

Our off-the-cuff comments never need defending. (The 222s certainly help.)

• Racer Danica Patrick gets ever racier by posing topless for SI:

Danica Patrick photo SI

• While the mag convinced the delectable driver to show some skin, it won’t be covering Tiger Woods as Jesus.

John Rocker says he & A-Rod got steroid advice from the Texas Rangers.

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Blog-A-Roni: Letterman Reveals SI Swimsuit Cover

• THE FOOTIE finds footage of David Letterman revealing the cover of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED’s 2008 swimsuit issue featuring Marisa Miller.

Marisa Miller Sports Illustrated cover David Letterman

• INTENTIONAL FOUL comes across audio of John Rocker throwing Bud Selig under the bus.

• FAN IQ’s 100% INJURY RATE puts up their dukes, as they offer this indoor lacrosse fight.

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Rocker: A-Rod Got Steroids Advice From Rangers

John Rocker recently reappeared in the news by claiming he flunked a steroids test in 2000 and Major League Baseball did nothing about it. Now the ex-pitcher says A-Rod and others were told how to take the illegal drugs - by the Texas Rangers:

Alex Rodriguez John Rocker Texas Rangers

STEROID NATION is beaned by news that in 2002, Rocker, Rodriguez and other Rangers players were apparently “advised by management and union doctors following a spring training lecture on how to effectively use steroids.”

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