Paxson Out in Chicago and Porter Out in Phoenix?

This is shaping up to be a lousy weekend to have once been a designated three-point shooter for Michael Jordan, at least according to Peter Vescey of the NEW YORK POST. Rumors in Phoenix the last few days and now reported by Vescey suggest Phoenix Suns head coach Terry Porter will be out very soon, using the All-Star weekend as cover.  (We’ve been debating just how much cover it provides, but the scuttlebutt doesn’t always prefer logic.)

Steve Kerr and John Paxson

(The “Jordan needs a shooter” curse: Craig Hodges’ troubles, now this… Jud Buechler, you’re next)

GM Steve Kerr (the aforementioned Designated Shooter) doesn’t get away scot free; the accompanying Robin to the Batman in this rumor is that Kerr will be forced to the bench, McHale-style, to save money for the rest of the season.  Not that Suns owner Robert Sarver is known for his cost-cutting trades or anything

(UPDATE: Kerr responds via his team’s Twitter account (because we love technology): the whole story’s “crazy”.)

Now who’s allegedly on the chopping block since Vescey cleared security at Sky Harbor?  Why, Jordan’s other game-winning “point guard”, of course…
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Boylan’s Bulls Babysitting Days Are Officially Over

The Chicago Bulls have fired interim head coach Jim Boylan, the least effective babysitter since Elisabeth Shue.

Adventures in Bulls Babysitting

His 24-32 record does not begin to describe how inadequate Boylan proved to be in the job. His attempts to curry favor with the veteran players in an effort to get them to play hard enough to secure a head coaching gig next season proved disastrous, as Judge Ben Wallace and other veterans set up a kangaroo court faster than you could say “washed up”.

Then Boylan lurched between what only a drunken astrophysicist (or Isiah Thomas) could favorably call ‘rotations’, stranding the young players that needed evaluation before season’s end at the end of the bench until it was far too late. After the fait was accompli, Boylan just let the boys run wild at the end, as can be seen in the 151-135 win in Milwaukee this week.
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Blog-O-Rama: Paxson’s Son Joining The Marines

• Ten-hut! MARINE CORPS TIMES reports that John Paxson’s son Ryan is leaving the college court and joining the Leathernecks.

Ryan Paxson Marines

• The experts have already done it, so now it’s your turn to try your hand at the SPORTING NEWS’ 1986 Strat-O-Matic season.

• FOOD COURT LUNCH gives us/poetry of star athletes/in lovely haiku.

Al Iannazzone of the BERGEN (NJ) RECORD believes John Calipari should play it smart and stay in school.

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So Brown’s “Semi-Pro” Tech Advisor Gig Is Over?

The PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER’s Marc Narducci reports today that “An NBA source said yesterday that Sixers executive vice president Larry Brown has drawn interest as a candidate for the Chicago Bulls’ head coaching job.

Larry Brown ABA Basketball Card

Jim Boylan is the current coach of the Bulls, who haven’t played much better since Scott Skiles was summoned out of the Stadium on Christmas Eve. The speculation is that Brown, who hasn’t coached since he led the Knicks to a painful 23-59 finish in the 2005-06 season, doesn’t want his career to end on such a low ebb. Read more…