Cardinals GM Mozeliak Attacks Fan In Online Chat

Look, whenever a GM goes online for a chat, he should be praised. It takes guts to put yourself on the chopping block and take criticism from a firing squad that has the benefit of time to plan attacks while all you can do is respond. That being said, it might be best if St. Louis Cardinals GM John Mozeliak avoids these chats in the future, since he spent much of his most recent session at attacking his persecutors rather than defending his record of free agent acquisitions.

john mozeliak
(Believe it: John Mozeliak won’t take your crap.)

According to ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH sports columnist Bernie Miklasz, one exchange was particularly telling. An online chatter named I Hate Bill DeWitt!! fired this question at Mozeliak:

“Please describe what it’s like living in your little land of make believe where you honestly believe that Cardinal fans should be excited about this team. If you wouldn’t mind, go into details, about how in Mo’s world people are celebrating three horrible new lefty relievers, and the signing of our awesome new .213 hitting shortstop.”

So how did Mozeliak respond? With aggression, as you can see after the jump.

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