Did Mariners Duff On Chance For LaRussa In ‘07?

When you think of the great sports journalists of our era, some familiar names immediately come to mind: Gammons. Swindle. Whitlock McIntyre Mariotti whoever runs Busted Coverage Me. It’s time to add another name to the pantheon: Duff McKagan. You may remember him from such bands as Guns N’ Roses and Velvet Revolver, but he’s also got a better scoop than anybody on ESPN.com right now.

Duff McKegan Tony LaRussa

According to McKagan, Tony La Russa told him that the Mariners had passed him over in their search for a new manager, ostensibly after they had canned Mike Hargrove in 2007. As McKagan told REVERB (site features sparse NSFW language): Read more…

Mariners Teammate Wanted To ‘Knock Out’ Ichiro

It’s been a rough sports year in the Pacific Northwest. (Actually, with Oregon State’s [latest] shocker against USC, let’s be more Puget Sound-specific.) The Sonics have skedaddled out of town for Oklahoma City. The Washington Huskies football squad is horrendous. (And for Wazzu alums in Seattle, the Cougars ain’t doing much better.) And the Mariners are about to wrap up another miserable season.

Ichiro Suzuki Seattle Mariners

How bad has it been for the souls at Safeco Field? Not only had it driven manager John McLaren to a potty-mouthed post-game tirade (and to the unemployment line), but one Mariners player had openly spoke of plans on pummeling the M’s star attraction, Ichiro Suzuki.

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It’s Nice To Know It Was McLaren’s Fault All Along

The Mariners fired John McLaren as manager today, confirming what we’ve known about the team all along.

Jay Buhner Plays Grabass With Seattle Mariners

(What the M’s really need: Less horseplay, more graba$$)

Richie Sexson, Adrian Beltre and the worst starting rotation in baseball had nothing to do with the Mariners 25-47 record - it was all McLaren’s fault.

I wonder if McLaren would’ve been fired if he hadn’t been hired by since-departed Bill Bavasi?

Garnett Still Going With Ex-T-Wolves Cheerleader?

Brooks will soon be heading cross-country, and we found his perfect vehicle.

• Is Kevin Garnett still cuddling up with an ex-T-Wolves cheerleader?

Kevin Garnett Cheating Krissy

Rick Reilly takes his women to the nicest places - like the press box.

• Sexy softball star Taryne Mowatt wants Erin Andrews’ job.

Bill Parcells isn’t mad, he just didn’t hear Jason Taylor come in.

• A high school girls basketball coach is charged with having a little extra one-on-one with one of her players.

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Since When Do The Mariners Care About Winning?

Apparently John McLaren didn’t get the memo:

’80s B-Jays Busted Slump w/Stripper in Clubhouse

Seattle Mariners manager John McLaren has coached approximately forever in the minors and majors and has gathered all kinds of motivational tactics over the years. Some may be recyclable, however, and some may not be usable in today’s major league clubhouse.

Stripper on baseball bat pole in silhouette

For example, how about the time in the mid-to-late ’80s when someone brought a stripper into the Toronto Blue Jays clubhouse to bust a slump? That must have been one hell of a motivational seminar. We’re certain there are other ways of encouraging the boys in blue to touch ‘em all, but they wouldn’t be as colorful.

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