Rex Ryan Mourns Ravens Loss By Taking Jets Job

While we know that for the Arizona Cardinals and Pittsburgh Steelers that Sunday was a great day and both teams were celebrating deep into the night, the feelings had to be the exact opposite for members of the Philadelphia Eagles and Baltimore Ravens.  Of course, how they responded to their heartbreak, we can’t be sure. For the Ravens, a lot of their postgame thoughts were probably devoted to Willis McGahee and whether or not he was still alive, but not defensive coordinator Rex Ryan’s.

Most of the Ravens probably hadn’t even finished showering or toweling themselves off when the New York Jets called Rex, and as Ray Lewis was no doubt still beating Joe Flacco in the corner of the locker room, Ryan was accepting an offer to become the next head coach of the Jets.

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Harbaugh To Take Bite Of NFL’s Poop Sandwich?

Jim Harbaugh is one of the bright young coaching lights in college football, having completely turned around Stanford’s program in 18 months. So why is he now tiptoeing around football’s bottomless pit? (See Black Hole.)

Al Davis Jim Harbaugh

(No word if Davis requires Harbaugh’s first-born to secure head coaching job)

The SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS reports that the Raiders are very interested in talking with Harbaugh about becoming their next coach.”

When confronted by the media about the report, Harbaugh neither confirmed nor denied his interest. I wonder who that’s worse news for, the coach or the Cardinal. Read more…

Ravens Bench McAlister For Looking Like A Slob?

If you or I are hanging out at a hotel lobby on a Sunday morning, shorts and a T-shirt are acceptable fashion options. Granted, I’m usually hanging out at the Continental buffet at the Holiday Inn Express and not a four-star hotel, where it the dress code would be a little more strict.

Chris McAlister and a large truck

Also having a strict dress code: the Baltimore Ravens’ team bus. That’s what three-time Pro Bowler Chris McAlister learned, as the CARROLL COUNTY TIMES reports that new head coach John Harbaugh benched him for last week’s game against the Dolphins for “undisclosed reasons,” but on his weekly radio show he insinuated that it was partially because he didn’t meet the team’s strict dress code.

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A Slight Downgrade Is In Store for Ravens’ O-Line

It’s not that unusual for basketball players to make the jump to football. (See: Gonzalez, Tony, and Gates, Antonio.) People may also argue for Julius Peppers as well, but I see him more as a football player who happened to have dabbled in basketball.

And now the CARROLL COUNTY (MD) TIMES shoots up news of the latest hoopster trying to make the same transition to the gridiron: Joe Reitz (not seen to the left).

Ogden and Lil Ogden

The difference between Jonathan Ogden, a sure-fire Hall of Fame mauling road-grader of a left tackle, and Reitz, a guy who hasn’t played football since high school? Likely negligible. Read more…

Champ KG Doesn’t Thank His Sponsors Properly

Congrats to Boston winning the title - even if the New York media doesn’t care.

• Did Kevin Garnett screw up a post-game shout-out to Adidas?

Kevin Garnett kissing Celtics center court

• Let’s hear from the real star of Boston’s title run - Brian Scalabrine.

• Saying ‘Sieg Heil!’ to the Celtics gets Jemele Hill suspended.

• One golfer thought Tiger Woods was faking his knee injury.

• Is Roger Clemens now selling off his possessions to pay his lawyers?

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UC Blew Off Ravens Coach Twice For Head Job

The announcement of John Harbaugh as head coach of the Ravens came as a surprise to many.

John harbaugh Baltimore Ravens

It certainly came as a surprise to the University of Cincinnati, who interviewed Harbaugh for the top job at their football program, and turned him down, twice. Read more…

Ravens Mini-Camp Fracas Involves Entire Team

The Baltimore Ravens went 5-11 last year and were the only team in the league to lose to the Dolphins.

Baltimore Ravens Fight

Now, with a new head coach in John Harbaugh, the Ravens are eager to pummel the only opponents they have right now: each other. Read more…