“First Take” Can’t Possibly Be This Entertaining

Like Shaq in the Champagne Room last night, SbB limps to the finish …

• ESPN has apparently now embargoed any Dana Jacobson news.

Dana Jacobson Belvedere Vodka

Al Davis wants to derail Lane Kiffin’s Raiders coaching career.

Jim Spanarkel used to be a sexy (Blue) Devil - now he’s a sexy Pirate.

• If a Ray Lewis lie detector test falls in the woods…

Tony Romo ended his relationship with Jessica Simpson - to marry his college sweetheart?

Tony Romo

• The latest LaDainian Tomlinson action figure features the Chargers RB with his end on the bench.

• A college basketball coach goes barefoot to end the agony of poor kids without shoes.

• The Pistons brawl starter ends his freedom with another drunk driving charge.

Pistons Brawl Starter Caught Drunk Driving - Again

The alleged instigator of 2004’s Pistons-Pacers basketbrawl is heading behind bars.

John Green Ron Artest Pacers Pistons Brawl

The TRAVERSE CITY RECORD-EAGLE reports that John Green has been sentenced to 45 days in jail after his December arrest for drunk driving. The 42-year-old is better known for supposedly throwing a beer that landed on Ron Artest’s chest - which kicked off the Malice at the Palace.

Why such the long sentence? Green has been caught drinking behind the wheel before - getting a previous DUI last September.

We could understand Green’s penchant for hitting the bottle - if he was a T-Wolves fan.