Yet More Fun With Insane Blocked FG Comebacks

John Glenn-Westland High had never beaten Plymouth in the history of the two schools, but finally had a chance to do so with a 33-yard field goal attempt on the last play of their homecoming game last week. And … it’s blocked. Too bad. Well … wait! The ball never crossed the goal line. Pick it up! Run! Ahhhh!

John Glenn High blocked field goal win

One would think that after the crazy blocked field goal shenanigans in Vermont last month, high school kids would be prepared for stuff like this. What makes the video following the jump so awesome, however, is not the unlikely TD itself, but the announcers going from sadly reserved to absolutely mental in 0.6 seconds. I could swear that one coughed up a lung, which was also returned for a touchdown.

Video below.

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