A-Rod & Wife Split Up; K.C. No Wizards w/Women

• Are Alex Rodriguez and the little missus on the fast track to splitsville?

Alex Cynthia Rodriguez swimsuit photo

• The Kansas City Wizards sure know how to treat their female employees.

• What Dwyane Wade & Michael Beasley have is a failure to communicate.

• It’s dangerous to come between a man and his woman, but it’s even worse to come between a Razorback and his scooter.

• No one is safe from Joe Maddon’s “Devil Rays” dollar fine - not even John Challis, the Pennsylvania teen battling terminal cancer.

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Cancer Doesn’t Exempt Kid From $1 ‘D-Rays’ Fine

You remember the story of high school varsity baseball player John Challis’s courageous battle with cancer and his base hit in a game. Great stuff. Since you’re an informed citizen of the universe, you also might remember when blogger David Pinto was fined one dollar by calling the Tampa Bay Rays the “Devil Rays,” their old name. Now what would happen if the two stories were to, well, collide?

Tampa Bay fine for saying Devil

BUGS AND CRANKS hooks video evidence of Erin Andrews reporting about the Rays inviting Challis to the Rays-Pirates game and meeting the team. During that memorable visit, Challis spoke at a press conference and slipped up, referring to the “Devil Rays,” a team that DOESN’T EXIST BECAUSE THEY CHANGED COLORS AND ARE GOOD NOW GGGGRAAAAAAAH. And yes, John Challis, the teenage boy with cancer, was fined one dollar for saying “Devil Rays.” Read more…

Kim K. Cuts Calendar For Reggie, Pics ‘Leak’ Out

Never mind Jessica - not even *Homer* Simpson could have helped Tony Romo’s wrangling Wrigley rendition of the 7th inning stretch.

Kim Kardashian cut together a “private” calendar for Reggie Bush - and wouldn’t you know it, some of the photos have leaked out to the public!

Kim Kardashian red lingerie

• Were the Atlanta Hawks secretly loaded up with extra liquor the night before Game 7 vs. the Celtics?

• Think we’ll skip out on the peanuts & Cracker Jack next time we’re out at the ol’ ball game.

• Dog gone! A curious canine gets crushed on a Turkish F1 track.

John Challis, the high school baseball player fighting terminal cancer, got to meet Mario Lemieux & Ben Roethlisberger at Sunday night’s Penguins game. He even had time to toss a quick zinger at the Pirates.

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HS Baseball Cancer Battler Meets Mario & Big Ben

John Challis’ heart-wrenching but inspiring story is getting the national recognition it deserves. (Yes, even the Worldwide Leader is now on it.)

John Challis Mario Lemieux

As the cancer-stricken high school baseball player keeps fighting against his terminal disease, he got to enjoy one more special evening - by meeting a couple of Pittsburgh’s biggest sports stars (with video after the jump).

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Cancer-Stricken Baseball Player Gets One Last Hit

John Challis has cancer. The 18-year-old baseball player from Freedom H.S. in Pennsylvania has been battling the disease for the past two years. Sadly, the cancer has spread throughout his body. Doctors have told him he may have as little as two months left to live.

John Challis cancer-stricken baseball player

But despite his tragic circumstances, Challis wanted the chance to step up to the plate one more time. And as Mike White of the PITTSBURGH POST- GAZETTE reports, John was able to experience a special moment not just for himself, but for his friends, teammates & family.

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