Oregon ReDux? Les Miles Denied Knowing Lyles

During a radio interview with PORTLAND OREGONIAN columnist John Canzano of 750 the Game in Portland Tuesday, Houston-based recruiting services operator Willie Lyles said, “I know Les Miles and he knows me.

Les Miles Claims He Didn't Know Who Willie Lyles Was Until December 9

Lyles’ claim to Canzano jibes with a March 14 report by Jim Kleinpeter of the NEW ORLEANS TIMES-PICAUYUNE in which LSU senior associate athletic director Herb Vincent confirmed that the school had three months earlier paid Lyles for recruiting services.

In a story first reported by FOXsports.com senior writer Thayer Evans, Vincent said the money was paid to Lyles business in December, and was one of several recruitng services LSU used. LSU no longer employs Complete Scouting Services.

LSU paid $6,000 for the JUCO Per State Package which includes game films from California and Kansas Junior Colleges and costs $3,000 per state.

But three weeks after Vincent confirmed LSU football’s formal connection to Lyles, Dennis Dodd of CBSSports.com reported on April 9, 2011, “LSU coach Les Miles told CBSSports.com Friday he didn’t know who Willie Lyles was until he saw him in December at the college football awards show in Orlando, Fla.

Stranger yet, thanks to the LSU football coach’s association with an ill-fated entertainment venture attempted by Lyles’ former employer, MSL Sports & Entertainment, Miles was presented as a longtime friend of Lyles.

On April 1, 2008, the following story was published on ESPN.com via the ASSOCIATED PRESS: Read more…

Chip Kelly Denies ESPN Reports About QB Masoli

Contradicting an ESPN Radio report earlier today, PORTLAND OREGONIAN columnist and KXTG-FM radio host John Canzano reported on his Twitter.com account this afternoon that Oregon Quarterback Jeremiah Masoli has not had his locker cleaned out.

Chip Kelly Denies ESPN Radio Reports About Masoli

Canzano added in an e-mail message to me that Oregon Coach Chip Kelly was his source and that the coach also denied another ESPN Radio-sourced report that police had found Masoli’s fingerprints on a stolen laptop. Read more…

Oregon Duck Changes Plea, Kills Kelly’s Credibility

On February 23, Oregon football coach Chip Kelly did an interview with PORTLAND OREGONIAN columnist and KXTG-FM radio host John Canzano to talk about the Ducks off-field legal problems. (audio link)

ChipKelly Kiko Alonso DUI

(Not the first time Kelly has misjudged his players)

During the visit, Canzano asked Kelly why Oregon backup player Kiko Alonso was suspended for the season after being charged with DUI, while star running back LaMichael James had not been suspended after being charged with strangulation, fourth degree assault and menacing of a female. (James pleaded not guilty at the time. As did Alonso for his DUI charge.)

Kelly responded that he suspended Alonso because he “had all the facts” of the unsettled DUI case while he was not privy to the details of the James investigation.

LaMichael James mugshot

(’No contest‘ = ‘guilty’)

That’s a defensible statement from Kelly. But what he followed with in addressing Canzano’s charge of unequal treatment was not.

Kelly to Canzano:

“When the final truth comes out, put me on the air again and then apologize.”

With today’s development in the James case, I can safely say Kelly won’t be getting that apology. Read more…

Brandon Roy Walking Out On The Anthem: Cool?

The PORTLAND OREGONIAN’s John Canzano, the designated s-stirrer in the Portland media, had a recent piece on Brandon Roy not being present on the floor for the Blazers when the national anthem goes off.

Mo Cheeks helps girl with anthem. Brandon Roy not around for Blazers anthem

(Ironic that Mo’s anthem save happened on Roy’s home court)

For two seasons now, Roy leaves the court before “The Star Spangled Banner” is performed. He waits out of sight, in the arena tunnel, and has a quiet moment of prayer while his teammates stand and honor America together.

Something about that feels troubling. And this is only partly about patriotism.

Roy is the Blazers captain, and leader, and two-time All Star. And the Blazers are busy preaching unity, and trying to find one vision right up until the moment Roy detaches and leaves his team standing on the court without him. And while I understand his desire to have a personal moment to gather his thoughts, I think there is ample time for a meditative moment in the hours leading to the game and I worry that the statement he’s making is one of individualism.

What would the fallout be if Roy’s teammates decided to join their leader in the tunnel? What if Roy weren’t from Seattle, but rather, from Spain, like Rudy Fernandez? What of respect, and heritage, and ceremony? What of team unity and leadership when the ball isn’t in your hands?

With the local reputation Canzano brings to the piece, Portlanders may be more likely to dismiss his argument out of hand. But I think he’s got a valid point, especially considering Canzano’s crafting of the column.

Should Brandon Roy be on the floor for the national anthem?

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Report: Blount Not On Road Game Travel List

Tweet this afternoon from PORTLAND OREGONIAN columnist and sports radio host John Canzano:

LeGarrette Blount Tweet Not On Travel List To Stanford

Blount is eligible to return Saturday as the Ducks play at Stanford, but it doesn’t appear, at least from Canzano’s Tweet, that he’ll make the trip. Read more…

So Exactly How Much Has Dungy Helped Blount?

Got to thinking today about the Univ. of Oregon playing the Tony Dungy card in its case for the reinstatement of LeGarrette Blount’s playing career. (Along with the other prominent figures cited by UO Coach Chip Kelly as party to Blount’s image overhaul: Dr. Harry Edwards, Kermit Washington and Jon Gruden.)

LeGarrette Blount Tony Dungy

Considering that virtually every media account of Blount’s future reinstatement included a mention of Dungy visiting with the player, I set out today to find out just how much time Dungy has spent with Blount.

After an extensive online search resulted in virtually no details, I contacted prominent OREGONIAN columnist John Canzano and Univ. of Oregon Executive Assistant Athletic Director of Media Services (SID) David Williford to find out what they knew.

Williford emailed this response about the Dungy-Blount exchange: “I don’t have info regarding Blount’s contact with Coach Dungy, other than I know it was by phone. I don’t know how many times or how long.

Canzano’s responds after the jump. Read more…

Introducing One Of The Worst People On Earth

You know, there have been a lot of stories in the news over the last few years about female high school teachers and coaches having sexual relationships with their male students, and as men, we kind of approve of the whole thing. As beings who are wired to do nothing with their lives but have sex — women, not nature, make us do everything else — we feel a sense of pride in the kid for bedding his teacher. Even if she’s ugly.

Howard Avery

We forget, however, what the teachers really are taking of these students. It’s a double standard and one we should really think about reassessing. Unless your Howard Avery.  If you’re Howard Avery you think the double standard should be eliminated so that men could do the same thing to young girls. Thankfully, it isn’t.

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Utah, BYU Bring Pac-12 Football Into 21st Century

John Canzano of the PORTLAND OREGONIAN is a couple years ahead of what will happen to the current Pac-10 conference. With dinosaur Tom Hansen about to finally step down as league commissioner, expect the conference to soon expand to 12 teams while adding a championship football game.

Yes We Can I'm Mormon

(Hasn’t she heard of who’s President now?)

Hansen has long been a proponent of the BCS and resistant to expansion, and claims that the league’s school presidents echo his outlook - and that there will be no future additions to the Pac-10’s membership.

And that would make him dead wrong in a couple years. Read more…

Would Ducks Bump Bellotti For Boise’s Petersen?

Going on his 14th season as Oregon Ducks head coach, Mike Bellotti has built a nationally-respected football program. The Ducks are 112-55 under him, with 11 bowl appearances and a 12th on the way. He’s sent a slew of players to the NFL Draft, has been this close to playing for two national championships (the robbery in 2001 and Dennis Dixon’s knee injury last year), and has three 10-win seasons - the only three in school history.

Mike Bellotti Colleen Bellotti

But that’s just not good enough for OREGONIAN columnist John Canzano, who wrote in today’s paper that Bellotti’s time at the school has come and gone, and it’s time for a change. Keep in mind that Canzano is not exactly an unbiased observer: he was the writer who was harassed in the press box last season by Bellotti’s allegedly drunk wife about a column he wrote involving their son’s two DUIs.

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Darius Miles, Dennis Dixon Love The Strip Clubs

PORTLAND OREGONIAN badass (we mean that in a complimentary way) John Canzano has a piece today on why he wants Portland Trailblazer Darius … Miles Out Of Town.

Dennis Dixon Darius Miles Strip Club

Canzano makes a fine case on why dead weight-Darius should retire. But more interesting is Canzano detailing Miles’ recent visit to a local strip club - with Oregon QB Dennis Dixon. Read more…