The BBC’s Basketball Announcers Are ADORABLE

Okay, we realize we made this point recently, but it needs to be reiterated (especially since new s**t has come to light, man): We love England. Yesterday, it was the MMA fighters in drag taking out a couple drunk idiots on the street.

British NBA logo
(This took way too long to make.)

Today, though, it’s British people trying to call a basketball game. Emphasis on “trying.” Apparently, the BBC just trotted out Mark Pougatch and Colin Murray, two reporters without much of a clue about what happens in basketball games, and let them work their way through it. It’s delightful, and the sort of thing that only British people (see: the film careers of Hugh Grant and Jude Law) can get away with without looking completely stupid. Video is after the break.

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Matt Leinart Huge Hit With Gay Blogs After ESPN Magazine Comment About John Amaechi

GAY BLOGGERS FULLY BEHIND ‘BRUNETTE’ MATT LEINART: Gay blogs (male and female) are agog over Matt Leinart after his recent comment about former gay NBA baller John Amaechi - in a recent Q & A with ESPN The Magazine.

Matt Leinart

Leinart: “My favorite article recently was the John Amaechi piece (ed. note: in ESPN Magazine, whatta coincidence!). That was excellent. I appreciate and respect people who are open. That’s hard, especially being an athlete.”

Matt Leinart

A thoroughly thoughful reax from gay male blog AFTER ELTON on the ‘brunette’ NFL quarterback: “Up until now it was admittedly very difficult to find a reason to admire the hunky six-foot-five brunette, unless you’re into muscles and athletic ability and baby browns and chiseled jaws and tousled hair and all that. And we don’t just fall for a nice lobby, do we fellas?

Matt Leinart

Meanwhile, in a related story from the EAST VALLEY TRIBUNE:

Matt Leinart

Womens In Sports And Events Honors Somehow Overlooks Amaechi And Beckham For Yearly Honors

BECKHAM, AMAECHI LOSE OUT ON MAJOR SPORTS HONOR: Something called “Women in Sports & Events” (WISE) released their honorees for the Annual WISE Sports Women of the Year Award: Gatorade CMO Cindy Alston; tennis analyst Mary Carillo; and WNBA President Donna Orender.

John Amaechi David Beckham

John Amaechi and David Beckham being left off that list is an outrage.