Tony And Jessica Spotted Shopping For Rings

It’s been a pretty tough week for Tony Romo. The Dallas Cowboys lost their first game of the season at home to the hated Washington Redskins, and then after the game Romo had to sit and listen to Terrell Owens cry about how he wasn’t getting the ball enough, and that not all of Romo’s passes were “catchable.” Sure, Owens apologized for it all, but the words still sting.

Of course, despite everything that seems to be going wrong for Tony on the football field lately, life off the field still appears to be going strong. Why, both Romo and his girlfriend Jessica Simpson (did you know they were dating?) were seen shopping for rings in the past few days.

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Jessica Simpson Wiggles On Webcam For Romo

NFL training camp is a long and boring process for NFL players. Most of the time, camp is held in some tiny little town that only has one bar and no other forms of entertainment. How is a professional athlete supposed to get through the day without a strip club or a casino to blow their money at? After all, after a full day of knocking heads with your teammates in ninety degree heat, a guy needs a place to blow off some steam.

Jessica Simpson strips for Romo

Which is where Jessica Simpson comes in awfully handy for Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. Jessica isn’t allowed at the Cowboys training camp in Oxnard, California, but that doesn’t mean she can’t be there to give Tony the emotional support he needs. That’s why Jessica has started performing her best stripper routines for Tony via webcam.

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Is Jessica Simpson Beefing Up After Romo Split?

Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo seem to be finished as an item–at least for now.

Jessica Simpson Meat

How is Jess reacting to the split? By stuffing her face with sweets, according to some reports. Read more…

Tony Will Take Back Jessica If Dad Will “Back Off”

Apparently rumors of cracks in the Tony Romo-Jessica Simpson foundation were true, but things have since been patched up. And Bill Zwecker of the CHICAGO SUN-TIMES seems to have located the source of the duo’s friction:

Joe Simpson Beer Helmet

Dear ol’ Dad - Joe Simpson.

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A-Tony-Ment: Romo Attends Simpson Sis Wedding

As gossip hounds & Cowboys fans speculate on the soulmate status of Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson, Bill Zwecker of the CHICAGO SUN-TIMES has the latest on the lovebirds.

Tony Romo Jessica Simpson at Mavericks game

Both were in attendance in Encino, CA, on Saturday for Simpson sis Ashlee’s wedding. Romo was present to escort maid-of-honor Jessica, and things seem to be going along swimmingly. As one source told Zwecker:

“You would never know that anything bad was going on between them. He looked great, she looked beautiful and they were smiling and laughing for most of the night.”

Obviously, he didn’t get a chance to sing at the reception. But were all the pleasantries just a put-on? Read more…

Jessica’s Mom: Simpson & Romo Secretly Married

Those waiting to see if Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson will actually tie the knot won’t have to wait any longer. The couple are already married.

Jessica Simpson with mom Tina Simpson

At least that’s what Jessie’s mom says.

BANG SHOWBIZ via the ARIZONA REPUBLIC reports that Tina Simpson and her superstar Dallas-jinxing daughter were leaving a Chili’s restaurant in L.A. on Tuesday (Bob’s Big Boy must have been packed), when they were approached about possible nuptials with the Cowboys QB:

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Jessica’s Dad: Romo Marriage Wouldn’t Surprise

Those rumors of wedding bells between Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo could have some legs to them, according to the father of the would-be bride.

Joe Simpson Beer Helmet

FAN NATION picked up on an SI piece in which Joe Simpson was pretty candid about the love betwixt the QB and Yoko Romo. Read more…

Inevitable: Tony Romo Dumping Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson Tony Romo Girlfriend

OK magazine reports on its website this week that Tony Romo has learned a long, very hard lesson by taking on the monster that is Team Simpson.

After realizing the ridicule he was held up to for the Cabo vacation debacle, especially in the light of the Cowboys’ unexpected loss to the Giants the next weekend, Romo reportedly told Jessica Simpson last week that “he thought it was better if they went back to being friends.

Simpson resisted Romo’s suggestion, so the Cowboys QB made her an offer she could refuse. Read more…

Report: Joe Simpson Tipped Off Cabo Paparazzi?

The NEW YORK DAILY NEWS has the inevitable news that Joe Simpson is now being accused of tipping off the members of the paparazzi who got shots of Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo in Cabo.

Joe Simpson Beer Helmet

Excerpt: “Joe is well-known for his deals with the paparazzi, where the family gets a cut from the sales of the photographs. Nobody would have known that Tony was down in Mexico with Jessica if there hadn’t been those pictures everywhere. So a lot of people suspect he tipped off the photographers, causing Tony this huge headache.

For the record, a Simpson spokeshole responded to the NYDN charge saying, “Joe would never sell out his daughter to the media and would never do anything to hurt his own family or for that matter, Tony. This is categorically false.

Joe would never do anything to hurt his daughter? Hmmm.

If it’s any consolation, after the embarrassing, disorganized loss to the Giants, we doubt Romo will have to worry about Mr. Simpson in the future. Jessica isn’t long for losers.

Getting Jessica Simpson Thing Out Of The Way

We know most of you don’t really care whether Jessica Simpson will attend the Cowboys’ playoff game this Sunday against NYG in Dallas. That is, unless she were to wear a low-cut top or Daisy Dukes.

Jessica Simpson Daisy Dukes

But we feel it our duty to report, via US MAGAZINE, that Ms. Tony Romo will not be attending the game.

Her “rep” said, She is not attending. She is working on a new album.

Joe Simpson Beer Helmet

Sadly, there’s no word though on if Joe Simpson plans to attend Sunday’s affair. Perhaps his attendance is predicated on locating a Cowboys’ beer helmet before kickoff.