Mark Cuban: ‘Excited to work with Girls Gone Wild’

Yesterday NBA Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban announced a partnership with porn empire Girls Gone Wild to produce a television show for Cuban’s HDNet cable television venture.

Mark Cuban Announces Girls Gone Wild Partnership


Part of a press release sent out by Cuban’s HDNet:

We’re very excited to work with the Girls Gone Wild® team to launch this show,” said Mark Cuban, President and Co-Founder of HDNet. “The program is a cool, behind-the-scenes look at the GGW enterprise and a wild ride for our viewers. It’s a perfect fit for the new, unrated, late-night programming block that we air as part of our ‘Guys Night In’ line-up every Thursday.”

Yes, it’s late-night cable television programming and there’s nothing wrong with looking for hot girls. Got no problem with the concept of the show.

Joe Francis Alleged Paid Minors $50 For Sex After Filming Them


But if you’re David Stern and mainstream NBA sponsors and you see Cuban expressing such public enthusiasm for a partnership with a company that produces hardcore pornography and has an owner who has “pleaded guilty to violating federal laws designed to prevent the sexual exploitation of children and agreed to pay fines totaling $2.1 million,” might you find that a little unseemly? Read more…

Porn King To Guards: Raiders Tix For Prison Sushi

THE SMOKING GUN has some delightful details of the 2007-08 incarceration of convicted tax-evading and minor-corrupting porn guy Joe Francis.

Joe Francis Dumbass

On Aaron Weinsten, who once worked for the pay-for-sex mogul:

Weinstein’s plea follows the conviction of Ralph Hawkins, a sheriff’s deputy who admitted taking $3200 and Oakland Raiders tickets from Weinstein in return for smuggling unauthorized food items (like sushi and barbecued chicken) to Francis.

So dude wanted Raiders tix to provide comfort to a porn guy in prison? Next thing will be a story about dude wanting porn to comfort Raiders fan in prison. Or dude wanting prison to comfort Raider fan who does porn. Or … okay I’ll stop.

Stanford Band’s ‘Girls Gone Wild’ Tribute To USC

Normally, the only thing I look forward to when attending a Stanford football game is the performance of the band. Last Saturday was a little different experience, as the team decided to show up too. But nice to know the band didn’t let us down either.

Stanford Band Girls Gone Wild Tribute

In front of 100,000 USC fans at The Coliseum, the Stanford band gave us a tribute to esteemed USC alumnus Joe Francis. Excerpt:

“That said, USC can’t take all the credit for the successes of its students. After all, it takes a special kind of man to be wanted for sexual harassment, drug trafficking, tax evasion, prostitution, child abuse and disruptive flatulence, but that’s just the kind of captain of industry that Joe Francis is.”

More fun after the break. Read more…

Why We Haven’t Been Writing Last Couple Days

In case you haven’t noticed we hope, we haven’t been seen much in these parts lately.

Cecilia SbB Girl

We’ve been jet-setting across the lower 48, and somehow ended up in Panama City, Fl., with an old friend (no, we’re not on interstate trash detail with Joe Francis). Read more…