Army: DiMaggio’s ‘Alleged’ Ulcer Led To Discharge

TheSmokingGun.Com recently pulled the U.S. Army records of Joe DiMaggio, via the Freedom of Information Act, to report on DiMaggio’s 30 months of U.S. Army service during World War II.

Joe Dimaggio faked illness to gain Army discharge

From reading evaluations written by U.S. Army Majors Emile Stoloff and William Barrett, DiMaggio was reported to have exhibited an astonishing level of narcissism, which included his “conscious attitude of hostility and resistance toward,” his Army service.

DiMaggio was hospitalized several times for, as Army reports noted repeatedly, an “alleged” ulcer that Army physicians never definitively confirmed actually existed. It was DiMaggio’s relentless claims of “alleged” physical maladies - and his resistance to any treatment whatsoever - that eventually led to his discharge in 1945. Read more…

Madonna Was Once All Ga-Ga Over Joe DiMaggio

Seems that A-Rod isn’t the only Yankee Madonna has had her eyes on.

The NEW YORK POST’s PAGE SIX reveals what other well-known Bronx Bomber the Material Girl thought was the, um, bomb. Derek Jeter? Jason Giambi? Mariano Rivera?

Joe DiMaggio Madonna

Try Joe DiMaggio.

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