Bell Still Has Baggage; Williams Carries It For Him

Let no one say that Roy Williams doesn’t have a sense of humor, and is likely a lot funnier than you. The Cowboys WR showed up in Detroit at a Halloween party wearing a costume that has the internet rolling on the floor with laughter, and one free agent running back likely fuming (while not looking for a job.)

Roy Williams

Williams attended old teammate Mike Furrey’s charity Halloween event wearing a bellhop’s uniform with a nametag reading T. Bell. You’ll recall Tatum Bell, after being replaced on the Lions roster by Rudi Johnson, decided to help himself to parting gift - a lovely set of luggage. Unfortunately the luggage was Johnson’s, complete with all his stuff inside. (More pictures, and video, after the jump.)

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Jon Kitna Nude Costume Goofs On Lions Nude Coach

THE COSTUME EVEN COMES WITH FROSTY (WE HOPE) STAIN Like you, we’re getting geared up for Halloween tomorrow night, but Jon Kitna of the Lions is already ahead of us. THE WORLD OF ISAAC has this photo of the Detroit QB last night at a charity fundraiser.

Jon Kitna Halloween Costume Goofing On Joe Cullen

The getup was an apparent jab at Lions defensive line coach Joe Cullen, who you may remember early this year was caught by police going through a drive-thru in his car while completely naked.Since Kitna stole our costume idea (who wasn’t planning a Detroit-themed Halloween?), we’re instead thinking of going as The Invisible Man (dressed as Matt Millen).