T.O. On Receiving End Of Some Crazy This Time

In the end, Terrell Owens met his downfall the way that most great athletes do — tangled in cargo netting. Owens and teammate Joanna Krupa were the first team eliminated during Tuesday night’s debut of “Superstars” on ABC, which paired athletes with celebrities in a series of athletic stunts. And in a sort of glorious cosmic justice, Krupa spent most of the show cursing T.O. for his ineptitude.

Terrell Owens Joanna Krupa

Ha. The look on T.O.’s face is priceless, as you’ll see in the video below. Sample dialogue: T.O.: “Let’s go!” Krupa: “No ‘let’s go!’ You f***** up. We could have won.” (T.O. looks forlorn). Who is Joanna Krupa, you ask? Suffice it to say she’s a rather gifted model. Photos below. Read more…