Photo: Jimmy Clausen’s Black Eye Now Revealed

Losing to Stanford to finish the season 6-6 and certainly sealing your head coach’s fate must feel like a punch to the eye.

Jimmy Clausen black eye

Oh - sorry, Jimmy.

Game Over: Clausen’s South Bend Home Is Sold

UPDATE: The CHICAGO TRIBUNE has updated its story by reporting it got the entire thing wrong.

The CHICAGO TRIBUNE has news that will extinguish any talk of Jimmy ClausenCharlie Weis. coming back for his senior season at Notre Dame, with or without

Jimmy Clausen sells his South Bend home

Century 21 real estate agent Kathye Currey reports to the CHICAGO TRIBUNE that Clausen’s home in South Bend has been sold: “It has an accepted offer on it right now. It was for sale, it listed on the middle of July of this year. And it just went pending last week. Pending (means) the sellers have accepted an offer on it. It’s sold. It just has not closed with the title company yet.

Jim Clausen, Sr., the owner of the home, which is “steps from the Notre Dame campus”, could not be reached for comment.

Jimmy Clausen hides eye during practice

You’ll be happy to know that we also have a photo of Clausen from practice yesterday, in which he hides his black eye with a tinted visor. Read more…

Clausen Hides Black Eye, Weis Off Of Recruiting

Eric Hansen, Notre Dame football beat writer for the SOUTH BEND TRIBUNE, Tweets from ND practice today:

Jimmy Clausen wore visor at practice to hide black eye from reporters

Hansen also noted that, “ND players are off limits to the media this week. The next time we’ll hear from them or Weis is late Saturday night.”
Then there’s this from AOL FANHOUSE reporter John Walters, who was also at ND practice:

Jimmy Clausen hides eye during practice

ESPN’s National College Football Reporter Joe Schad also reported earlier today perhaps the most ominous sign about Weis’ sure-fire demise.

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Jimmy Clausen Punched: New Details Emerging

UPDATE (9:12a PT): A cantankerous Charlie Weis said today Clausen will practice Tuesday and start against Stanford Saturday. He would not comment on reports of Clausen’s altercation. (Weis to media at presser: “I only want to talk about Stanford.”)

After a bunch of detail-less news reports about Jimmy Clausen getting jacked in the eye Saturday night, South Bend’s WSBT-TV finally gives us specific details regarding what happened.

Jimmy Clausen shoves Brian Gunnell of Boston College

(Not a dramatization of said events)

Let’s just say Clausen’s most recent date probably should just give up on that callback. Read more…

Clausen ‘Sucker-Punched’ Outside South Bend Bar

UPDATE: New, more specific details have emerged regarding Jimmy Clausen getting punched outside a South Bend bar.

Everyone’s been taking shots these days at Notre Dame these days, including aiming their ire at star QB Jimmy Clausen. Unfortunately, some people are taking their pot-shotting too literally.

Jimmy Clausen

ESPN’s Joe Schad reports that Clausen was at a South Bend restaurant early Sunday morning, when an irate fan “sucker-punched” him and left him with a swollen eye.

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Tony Dungy: Tim Tebow “Will Be A Great NFL QB”

Tim Tebow probably never wanted to see the day when he’d be lumped in with such damaged goods as LeGarrette Blount, Michael Vick, and - ugh - Jeff Fisher. But here it is and here we are, Tebow: Tony Dungy has come rushing to your aid. Yes, the St. Jude of sports, the patron saint of lost causes and dog killers. Dungy. Accept it.

Tony Dungy Tim Tebow

Dungy’s latest comments came to Dan Patrick this morning when talking about drafting a quarterback for a team with a Top 10 pick. Patrick threw out alternative choices like Sam Bradford, Jimmy Clausen, Colt McCoy, and Jake Locker. Nnnnnope. Because Tebow’s a winner, you see. Winners win games. Oh yeah.

Will Tim Tebow be a great NFL quarterback?

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Clausen’s BC Pushee: Notre Dame QB Is ‘Phony’

We finally have some on-the-record reaction from Jimmy Clausen and Rich Gunnell after their confrontation following ND’s 20-16 win over BC last Saturday.

Jimmy Clausen shoves Brian Gunnell of Boston College

(Clausen a “phony”? Mr. Gunnell, get in line)

Clausen said this week that he did his best to avoid what happened: “I was just going up to him to say he’s a heck of a receiver. He was making plays left and right and he’s a real good talent.

Gunnell wasn’t nearly as complimentary. Actually, swap out “nearly as” with “at all”. Read more…

Video: Jimmy Clausen Gets Pushy With BC Player

After Notre Dame’s shaky 20-16 win over Boston College today, Jimmy Clausen went over to shake the hand of BC player Rich Gunnell.

Jimmy Clausen shoves Brian Gunnell of Boston College

(Screenshots via Chris Littman of TSB)

Gunnell was in no mood for consolation though, and he delivered some pointed words in Clausen’s direction. One guess how Clausen reacted to the situation.

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12-Year-Old QB Sills Is Ready For College Offers

Steve Clarkson is known as a quarterback king maker. He started the hype machine that led to Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen being called “one of the greatest high school recruits ever”. He helped launch the careers of Ben Roethlisberger, Matt Leinart, J.P. Losman (maybe not such an endorsement) and Gino Toretta. Now he’s in the early stages of launching a primo career for David Sills, a Delaware native who just so happens to be 12 years old.

david sills 12 year old quarterback

(Meet the future of the quarterback position, aged 12.)

That’s right folks, a 12 year-old is running through passing drills and prepping himself for college recruitment. He reportedly received a questionnaire from UCLA a year ago, and he’s not alone. According to this piece from CBSSPORTSLINE, Clarkson is tutoring no fewer than four middle school quarterbacks across the country, teaching them advanced formations and schematics as if they were seniors in high school.

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Clausen Says Harbaugh Dissed Him After ND Win

Stanford offensive lineman Chris Marinelli talked a big game earlier this week when he said that he “hated” Notre Dame, Catholics, and pretty much anyone who’s ever lived in the state of Indiana. He backed it up with…well, he’s an offensive lineman so it’s kinda hard to quantify what he did exactly. But his team lost, so all that yapping really worked out for him.

Notre Dame-Stanford

Marinelli’s motivation apparently worked for the Irish, though, who built a 28-7 lead before holding on for a 28-21 win over the Cardinal in South Bend. But we were treated to a little extra drama, as the teams scuffled after the final whistle and then Jimmy Clausen accused Jim Harbaugh of giving him the cold shoulder afterward. And, naturally, Pac-10 officials screwed up a call in the second quarter that had Harbaugh livid.

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