Manny Belts Grand Slam On His Bobblehead Day

Manny Ramirez does his bobbleheads proud with a pinch-hit grand slam.

Manny Ramirez grand slam bobblehead

• But Minnesota Twins legend Harmon Killebrew isn’t so impressed.

Michael Vick supposedly spent his first day of freedom at a strip club with Allen Iverson. But the no-longer incarcerated QB denies such reports.

• The Cambridge cop accused of acting racist against Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates was also the one who tried to revive Reggie Lewis after the Celtics player suffered a fatal heart attack.

• White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle hurls a perfect game, thanks to a great catch by Dwayne Wise. Guess Ozzie Guillen made the right move, after all.

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“I Used HGH”: Some Player You’ve Never Heard Of

Back when the Mitchell Report was released, one figure named as having purchased from noted supplier Kirk Radomski was Jim Parque, a pitcher whose career with the White Sox was cut short by injury at the beginning of the decade. You probably never even had him on a fantasy baseball team.

Jim Parque coaching
(”All right, Kenny, let’s go over this again. I’m a seedy clubhouse assistant, and you’re a pitcher with a heart of gold. ‘Do you want me to sell you any drugs?’ Now say ‘no’ and beat me with a fungo bat.”)

But Parque did take the opportunity at the time to admit his usage rather than engage in vague non-speak about the report’s allegation, itself a brave move but one ultimately forced rather than voluntary. Parque’s letter to the CHICAGO SUN-TIMES about his HGH use today, however, was totally voluntary, not to mention gut-wrenching in its portrayal of the decisions he faced:  Read more…