Pilot Goes Blind at 15,000 Feet And Lands Safely

If you’re not impressed by the man who was blinded while flying a plane, but managed to land safely, I urge you to start playing Pilotwings for Super Nintendo and midway through, turn off your TV. Not so easy, is it smart guy?

Jim O'Neill

(Hey, wait a minute. How does he know where to look at the camera?)

Jim O’Neill
was flying his two-seat Cessna from Scotland to the south of England when he was stricken blind by a stroke at 15,000 feet, thereby placing this story in the “disabled athletes” category. At that point I think I would have gone through my emergency checklist, of pissing myself in fear, curling up into a little ball, and crapping myself in fear, in that order. But Jim calmly radioed for help, and the Royal Air Force sent up a plane to talk him down. Jim landed safely, with crap-free pants.

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