CBS Tweet: Kerr Added To Final Four Broadcast

Yesterday the official Twitter feed for CBS Sports included this entry:

CBS tweet announces Steve Kerr joining Final 4 broadcast team

 NCAA March Madness: Jim Nantz, Clark Kellogg, and Steve Kerr will call the Final Four for CBS.

The Tweet was then deleted, but not before it was retweeted by dozens of followers of the CBS Sports Twitter account, including prominent media members.

The Tweet was also subsequently reported on the college basketball blog at That post, like the CBS Twitter account entry, was then removed. Read more…

Bottom Feed: SbB Powerless Rankings Are Here

Here’s my first SbB Powerless Rankings, which note the least influential prominent sports figures of the moment. The criteria is simple: The folks on the list would have no relevance if it weren’t for blind luck or undue support from their employers.

SbB Powerless Rankings: It's Nothing Personal

1 ) BCS Executive Director Bill Hancock: Most-despised man in sports, yet he has no power to do anything. Figurehead designed to distract fans from the actual, tiny cabal responsible for college football’s dark ages. Pie-in-the-face guy. Light a candle for him.

Baghdad Bill Hancock Executive Director Of The BCS

(‘Baghdad Bill’ Hancock)

2 ) Mike & Mike on ESPN Radio: Without relentless over-promotion by ESPN’s monopoly-enabled monolith, show wouldn’t exist. Perhaps the finest example of just how powerful ESPN has become as a sports marketing machine. Greenberg at least has a semblance of talent in a controlled setting - witness his SportsCenter performances.

Mike & Mike Mike Greenberg Mike Golic

3 ) The McCourts: The underfunded couple was handed the Dodgers by Bud Selig and MLB Owners to artificially limit payrolls in MLB’s larger markets and the NL West. Stole $120M from franchise to fund their personal lifestyles. Anonymous in L.A. outside the ownership suite - even despite the recent coverage.

Frank and Jamie McCourt Divorce

4 ) Mark Cuban: Great at selling tickets and advertising but too enamored with his own, overrated basketball IQ. Needs to hire good basketball people and get out of the way. By alienating other owners and David Stern, doesn’t have nearly the influence in league matters that he should.

Mark Cuban mad

5 ) Jim Nantz: Rakes in millions in salary and perks from CBS gig, but would one less person watch a CBS sports telecast if he wasn’t calling the game? From local radio appearances, appears to have an interesting personality and provocative opinions, but once he’s national he goes dullard on us.

Jim Nantz

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Poll: Dance With Nantz Or Get On The Gus Bus?

I’m starting to sense that the NCAA Tournament-spawned online popularity of Gus Johnson is transitioning from a quasi-mocking tone to a genuine appreciation for his excitable on-air style. A style that’s a complete departure from virtually all national television network play-by-play guys.

Gus Johnson and Jim Nantz

(Gusgasms Keep March Madness Fans Gushing)

So why have so many people responded positively to what some might consider Johnson’s contrived, showboating style? Because the people who matter obviously think what he does is instead a natural outpouring of affection for the game.

With 96 looming, if any major sporting ever needed more of that right damn now, it’s March Madness.

Your 2011 NCAA Hoops Tournament Final Four Announcer:

View Results

So I want to take your temperature on who you’d prefer in the booth for future Final Fours. That is, to find out if you actually do take Johnson seriously as a candidate to replace Jim Nantz.

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Nantz Upset At Being ‘Ridiculed’ Over Divorce

Jim Nantz to Golf Magazine about the coverage of his divorce:

Lorrie Nantz Photos Jim Nantz Divorcing Has a 29 Year Old Girlfriend

“I feel like the whole thing was so misrepresented. It’s really hard to believe what came out publicly and how salacious it sounded. It left me feeling really distrustful of everything I read or hear.

I heard people I’m close to speculating on the radio about the divorce and ridiculing and laughing about some things that were written that just weren’t true. I thought, ‘Gosh, you know me better than that. I would never do that. How could you do this? Where is the sensitivity?’”

Where is the sensitivity? I wonder if Nantz’s wife was thinking that when she found out about his 20-something mistress. Read more…

Ricky Rubio Might Consider Avoiding Jim Nantz

Jorge Sierra of links up an interview with Ricky Rubio teammate Pete Mickeal in the True Hoop blog, The Painted Area.

Ricky Rubio

Mickeal plays with Rubio in Spain and talked about the rapturous reax to The Shag:

Q: On your blog on HoopsHype, you mentioned that you call him “Rock Star”. What’s the craziest scene of fans interacting with Ricky Rubio that you’ve seen in Spain?

Mickeal: Well, he’s got the long, bushy hair and he wears his shorts down… down low (laughs) – and the Rock Star thing came in our first game of the year. We played a team in Galicia, a northern part of Spain, and I saw two girls actually… I mean… I mean… whoa… I don’t know if they passed out, but it was very close to that. I mean, it was unbelievable. I just couldn’t believe it.

Yes, yes? Go on … ?

There were people when we opened the door to come out of our hotel room, and they were already there on the floor. We couldn’t even go to the elevator because they were waiting to see him. And I’ve seen girls… this girl’s face was so red, and she broke down, on the ground. On the ground! Like, two of them – they broke down on the ground. It was unbelievable. I’ve never seen anything like that in basketball.

Sounds more like the Virgin Mary sighting in a Guadalajara grilled cheese last week.

Next, the interviewer, who shall remain nameless, channels his inner Jim Nantz.

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Jim Nantz Has One Job In Life And He’s Blowing It

ST. PETERSBURG TIMES sports media critic Tom Jones reports this week on the astonishing conflict of interest involving CBS announcer Jim Nantz for this Sunday’s AFC Championship game telecast:

Peyton Manning and Jim Nantz

(Not the commercial. I think. Wait, maybe it is. Help!)

How in the world can CBS let NFL announcer Jim Nantz do a television commercial with Colts quarterback Peyton Manning? The two are in an ad for Sony televisions. Nantz calls games in which Manning plays and will call next weekend’s AFC Championship Game in which Manning will play.

Why should we trust anything Nantz has to say about Manning ever again? Even if Nantz has every right to defend Manning after a play, why should we believe him after assuming the two hung out together and socialized during a commercial shoot? It’s a blatant conflict that CBS shouldn’t have allowed and Nantz shouldn’t have agreed to do.

Delusional fans are already conspiratorial enough when it comes to announcers without CBS allowing Nantz to yuk it up with the best player on the field during the telecast.

Richard Deitsch of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED followed up on Jones’ piece by getting reax from Nantz.

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Now, Yet More Photos Of Jim Nantz’s Girlfriend

Courtney Richards

So THE BIG LEAD has some more photos of brodcaster Jim Nantz’s girlfriend, 29-year-old IMG vice president Courtney Richards. For lack of a better way to describe her, I’ll say new-Becky-from-”Roseanne”-meets-Pam-from-”The-Office.”

More photos following the jump. Read more…

Jim Nantz Girlfriend Photos Posted: An Upgrade?

Didn’t take long for a reader to send photos to THE BIG LEAD of Jim Nantz’s 29-year-old girlfriend after the NEW YORK POST published her name, Courtney Richards, this morning.

Jim Nantz Girlfriend Photos Courtney Richards

Jim Nantz’s 29-year-old girlfriend Courtney Richards vs. ex-wife Lorrie

View Results

Probably an unfair comparison, since Nantz’s wife is in her 50s now and Richards is in her 20s. That said, I think we’re probably all on the same page on this one.

Nantz Loses Two Houses, $1M Per Year In Divorce

The CONNECTICUT POST breaks down the divorce settlement of Jim and Lorrie Nantz, which the presiding judge claims was not impacted by Nantz cheating on his ex-wife with a 29-year-old woman.

Lorrie Nantz Photos Jim Nantz Divorcing Has a 29 Year Old Girlfriend

The total alimony and support award of $916,000 a year is somewhat less than the more than $1.5 million Lorrie Nantz had been seeking in alimony and child support.

In addition, the judge required Nantz to turn over the couple’s six-bedroom home on Imperial Avenue in Westport to his ex-wife along with all the furnishings. She also will get the condominium on Terra Nova Circle in Westport occupied by her mother.

He retains the contract on a $1 million condo in Deer Valley, Utah.

Nantz must also pay $70,000 toward the country club membership of his wife’s choice.

Nantz still has the option of fighting the judge’s decision, so now the question is, will he?

Jim Nantz divorce deal: Pays wife $1M per year, gives her his two homes

View Results

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Divorcing, Teary Nantz Admits 29-Yr-Old Girlfriend

The STAMFORD ADVOCATE has the painful details of Jim Nantz’s divorce proceeding last week, Daniel Tepfer’s lede:

Watching the Jim Nantz divorce trial was like seeing a car crash — you just couldn’t look away. Clutching a pair of reading glasses in his hands, the 50-year-old Nantz teared up at times as he described his wife’s foibles that he claims led up to the breakdown of their marriage

Lorrie Nantz Photos Jim Nantz Divorcing Has a 29 Year Old Girlfriend

(Lorrie, Jim Nantz divorcing after 26 years of marriage)

Nantz had been married 26 years to wife Lorrie before asking for a divorce last year. The sportscaster cried as a he told Superior Court Judge Howard Owens that his wife’s “excessive spending and lack of support” was the reason for the split.

That lack of support apparently led the 50-year-old Nantz to take up with a 29-year-old girlfriend. Read more…