71-Yr-Old Ex-Boxer Brutalizes Would-Be Burglar

• A 71-year-old former boxing champ beats & bruises a 23-year-old knife-wielding would-be burglar. The kid should’ve stayed off his lawn.

Frank Corti Gregory McCalium

• The New York Mets get on the bus and stop a 5-game losing streak. Too bad their next bus stop ended up at a Furries convention.

Landon Donovan releasing new book that bashes David Beckham.

• A Cubs fan vows to go on a semi-hunger strike until the Baby Bears win 5 in a row. It was nice knowing ya, pal.

• It’s like the old saying goes: Mexican midget wrestlers & hookers just don’t mix.

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Leyritz Arrested Again, This Time For Hitting Wife

Under most circumstances, we support the frequent and copious intake of alcohol by all people of all (legal) ages. It is, as noted philosopher Homer Simpson once said, the cause of and solution to all of life’s problems. Homer had a point, but then, he never played for the New York Yankees.

Jim Leyritz

(We were hoping to not have to use this photo again.)

1996 World Series hero Jim Leyritz did, however, play for the Yankees, and provides an interesting counterpoint to Homer’s booze-fueled adage. For Leyritz, booze has been the cause of a lot of a problems - from DUI to vehicular homicide to attempted DUI - but not many solutions. Leyritz is awaiting trial on the vehicular homicide charge, and in preparation he has taken up a new hobby to fill his time. Unfortunately, the new hobby? (Allegedly) beating his wife. Alcohol, of course, was involved.

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Speed Read: Cardiac Canes Will Break Your Heart

As evidenced by Wednesday night’s Pittsburgh Penguins’ romp over the Washington Capitals, not every Game 7 in hockey is something special. But let’s face it - most of them are. And when you throw overtime into the mix? It’s about as good as it gets. It’s drama that you cannot turn away from - at any second, the game and the series could be over with one thunderbolt.

Carolina Hurricanes

So it was that the Carolina Hurricanes and Boston Bruins skated at the end of the first overtime in their Game 7 in Boston, looking for all the world like they were going to a second extra period - or more. And then out of nowhere, a shot was flipped towards the net, Bruins goaltender Tim Thomas was unable to control the rebound, and winger Scott Walker pounced to put the puck in the net for his first career playoff goal to end the game 3-2 and the series.

Boston Bruins

And the fact that it was Walker who scored the series-winner had to hurt Bruins fans doubly, since he was the person who sucker punched Bruins defenseman Aaron Ward near the end of Game 5. According to NHL rules, Ward should have been suspended for Game 6, but the league rescinded the suspension after a hearing on Monday. So he went from almost breaking Ward’s face to definitely breaking the Bruins’ hearts.

(Of course, even though it was a Game 7 overtime winner, it arguably wasn’t as impressive or as cold-blooded as how the Hurricanes scored two late goals to send the New Jersey Devils packing in Game 7 of their first-round series. If I’m the Penguins in the Eastern Conference finals, I’m doing everything I can to close them out early.)

Red Wings versus Ducks

The Detroit Red Wings’ Game 7 victory over the Anaheim Ducks didn’t go to overtime, but it sure had its share of drama. Detroit went up two goals early, only to see Anaheim claw back to level the score at 3-3. But Dan Cleary scored with three minutes to go to give the Red Wings the go-ahead goal and Detroit’s defense was able to make it stick, setting up a Western Conference Finals match-up with the Chicago Blackhawks.

Dwight Howard

Oh, you say that you prefer NBA Game 7s? Well, you’ll have your chance for satisfaction soon enough, as two teams fought off elimination to earn one deciding game. In Orlando, the subtle message that Dwight Howard sent to Orlando Magic coach Stan Van Gundy through the media (i.e. “quit being an idiot and get me the ball”) must have sunk in, as Howard had 23 points and 22 rebounds and the Magic forced a return trip to Boston with an 83-75 victory over the Celtics. None of which apparently excited Orlando fans to show up, as there were “patches of empty seats early in the game.”

Kobe Bryant

No wonder Commissioner David Stern was at the Lakers vs. Rockets game. And speaking of late-arriving - someone might want to tell the Lakers that Houston is in a different time zone, because they clearly aren’t showing up for games there until it’s too late. Much like in Game 4, Los Angeles put themselves in a huge hole they never could get out of, at one point closing an early 16-point deficit to two points but finally running out of steam and falling 95-80 to force a Game 7 at Staples Center. Meanwhile, the Denver Nuggets wait and rest.

Here’s some more sports news to digest while I try to figure out how to be part of “Bike To Work Day” when I work from home.

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Leyritz Tried Driving Drunk 4 Times Since Accident

In 2007, ex-New York Yankee Jim Leyritz was involved in a car accident in Florida that killed 30-year-old Fredia Ann Veitch. Both Leyrtiz & Veitch were discovered to have been driving drunk at the time of the collision.

Jim Leyritz Mugshot

You would think that after dealing with the experience of a crash that took another person’s life, you might think twice about ever wanting to get behind the wheel while intoxicated again. But Leyritz apparently had no such concerns, as prosecutors claim he tried to drive after drinking at least four times since the accident.

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Mark Cuban Scolded By SEC For Insider Trading

Mark Cuban’s been caught doing a little trading - of the inside variety.

Mark Cuban Dancing With The Stars

(Let’s see Cuban dance his way out of this one)

Although the SEC is P.O.’ed and his MLB ownership chances are D.O.A., it’s doubtful M.C. will go to J-A-I-L.

• There are ties in the NFL? Donovan McNabb doesn’t believe it! (And neither does Jim Boeheim!)

• The ending of Sunday’s Steelers-Chargers game was a costly one - for bettors or worse.

• The Jacksonville Jaguars may have gone cold, but their mascot is on fire - literally.

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Leyritz Awfully Inconvenienced By Breathalyzer

In perhaps the least sympathetic story in sports history, World Series hero-turned-alleged killer drunk driver Jim Leyritz has petitioned a judge to remove the Breathalyzer device in his car.

Jim Leyritz Mugshot

(Leyritz’s quandary: “Chicken Marsala” vs. dead woman)

And just so we’re clear, that Breathalyzer is in his car as a condition of his release from jail as he awaits trial for vehicular manslaughter. Yes, this is the same Jim Leyritz who (allegedly) ran a red light and struck a car carrying a 30-year-old mother of two (above), killing her.  The Breathalyzer makes sure he can’t drive drunk again between now and his trial. And he wants it gone.

Oh, and lest you think the most tasteless part of this story is the mere fact that Leyritz is making such a request, check out the reasons given. Read more…

Jim Leyritz Faces Trial; Lives Off Charity Money

Former Yankee Jim Leyritz is not having the best of times these days. Leyritz, who was basically unknown until he hit a game-winning home run in the 1996 World Series, is currently awaiting trial on manslaughter charges over a car accident last December that claimed the life of a 30-year-old woman. Leyritz was reportedly under the influence at the time.

Jim Leyritz

But the saddest part of all of this is that despite his legal troubles, Leyritz is the primary caregiver for his three children, and all four of them are being supported by the Baseball Assistance Team, a charity that helps out ex-players who are broke. Yes, through a divorce and irresponsible lifestyle, Leyritz blew threw the $11 million he made as a player. And to add insult to injury, the Yankees didn’t exactly want him showing up to the last game at Yankee Stadium.

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Speed Read: Phillies Not Fanatical About Hitting

Deciding to listen to Tim McCarver blather his way through World Series commentary on TV or turning the sound down and listening to the dulcet, confused tones of Joe Morgan on the radio is like choosing between swallowing broken glass or sliding down a razor blade hill - both choices hurt. But I went with the radio guys for Game 2, mainly because of Jon Miller. And as usual, Morgan got stuck on a mantra he kept repeating over and over throughout the game, this time about the Phillies’ not being able to hit with runners in scoring position.

Rays fan with Joe Maddon sign

Unlike many of his obsessions, he actually was right about this. But it doesn’t take a Hall of Famer to know that hitting 1-for-15 in a game (and 1-for-28 for the Series) is bad. And while they were able to find a way past the Rays in Game 1, they couldn’t on Thursday, as Tampa Bay held on for a, frankly, uninspiring 4-2 win to tie the Series at one game each.

Phillies bench during Game 2 of the World Series

Anyone who kept claiming that this was going to be the most entertaining Series possible can shut up now - of course Red Sox vs. Dodgers would have been more fun, and it couldn’t have been played at a more average level. This Series is less sizzling through two games as it is melting. At least we have things headed over to Philadelphia, where I’m sure the fans will be in fine spirits. Enjoy the trips, Rays!

West Virginia running back Noel Devine

Meanwhile, Auburn was busy just plain fizzling against West Virginia, as Noel Devine made “SEC speed” seem like a stoner going 20 miles per hour on his way to Taco Bell for some munchies. It was big run after big run, as Devine wound up with 207 yards rushing as the Mountaineers throttled the Tigers 34-17.

Think the fact that a supposedly “quality” SEC team just got waxed by an underachieving Big East squad will lead anyone to start questioning the conference’s credentials? Nah, didn’t think so either.

Here’s what else was happening while you were checking out The Flintstones’ kitchen:

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Report: Leyritz’s Crash Victim Was Driving Drunk

The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports that Jim Leyritz pleaded not guilty today to “DUI manslaughter by unlawful blood-alcohol levels. He previously pleaded not guilty to a charge of DUI manslaughter with impairment in the death of Fredia Ann Veitch. Leyritz faces 15 years in prison if convicted.

Jim Leyritz Mugshot

Feb. 28 Leyritz crashed his SUV into Veitch’s vehicle after allegedly running a red light.

Leyritz, who already had a long record of traffic violations, is facing the fight of his life in court. But the NEW YORK POST breaks news today that may help his side of the case. Read more…

Leyritz Jailed: DUI, Vehicular Homicide Suspicion

Well this really sucks, but Jim Leyritz is being held in a Ft. Lauderdale jail today after he was involved in a two-car automobile accident late last night that killed someone.

Jim Leyritz Mugshot

In the collision, Leyritz’s vehicle “impact caused the other car to roll over and the female driver of that vehicle was ejected and she died after being taken to Broward General Medical Center, police said.

In the aftermath of the crash, the former Yankees 1996 World Series hero was “arrested on suspicion of DUI because he refused a Breathalyzer test, police said.”

Let’s hope his ‘96 World Series homer remains the hit he’ll always be known for.

UPDATE: THE SMOKING GUN has more details (”Leyritz failed several roadside sobriety tests and smelled of booze, had red, watery eyes, and a flushed face. He declined to take a Breathalyzer test or provide a blood sample, though blood was later drawn from him despite his refusal (investigators are waiting to learn what his blood alcohol content was at the time of the accident.”)