Rodman Unleashes a Halifax Cursing Explosion

The rubber chicken circuit can be a lucrative one with little formal education required.  Be famous and mildly entertaining, but mostly be famous.  Rich people will line up (apparently in any economy) with cashier’s checks to rub shoulders with you and you gain 10 lbs in three months.

Dennis Rodman and The Minis

(No, the whole team wasn’t invited to speak. Or do their juggling act.)

Of course, if you invite Dennis Rodman to your Canadian schmooze affair, you’d better bring Junior Ear Muffs for the children and Margaret Dumonts in the crowd ’cause he’s going to cuss up a proper swearstorm worthy of small craft warnings.  Sure, some people might walk out, but the rest of your doughy boys will giggle like schoolkids right into the office Monday.
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Cowboys Super Bowl Ring Now For Sale On eBay

A Super Bowl ring is the pinnacle of achievement for an NFL player. It signifies a whole season of sacrifice, toil, pain and work, resulting in being at the top of the pro football world. The average sports fan can’t even imagine how much that must be worth to a player.

Larry Brown's Super Bowl ring on eBay

Except that Deadspin has word that you can tell exactly how much it was worth to former Cowboys defensive back and Super Bowl MVP Larry Brown. He’s put his Super Bowl XXVII ring up for sale on eBay. The game was 52-17 drubbing of the Buffalo Bills (weren’t they all back then?), a.k.a. the Leon Lett Game. The highest bidder so far? Someone named “BillsQB12“.

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Blog-A-Roni: Ryan Howard Looking Good In Tights

• BUGS & CRANKS caputres Ryan Howard looking good in red tights.

Ryan Howard video game motion suit

• SLATE tries to help the church out by finding loopholes in the NFL’s Super Bowl party policy.

• Keeping with the Big Game, THE WORLD OF ISAAC scrapes together some last-minute predictions from some of your old favorites.

• FAN IQ’s 100% INJURY RATE keeps their mouths shut, so they don’t make their own unreliable sports guarantees.

Nick Saban Dolphins

• GIRLS & SPORTS draws up their year in review.

• This weekend’s expected Super Bowl blowout has Will Leitch spending his SPORTING NEWS column reminiscing about the ’90s.

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ESPN Commercial Adam Vinateri Cant Get Through Metal Detector With Super Bowl Rings

THEY SHOULD’VE GOTTEN BUD GRANT TO WAND VINATERI: ESPN has a new commercial out that features Adam Vinateri. In the spot, the four-time Super Bowl-winning kicker is unable to get through an ESPN office metal detector because of his four Super Bowl rings.

Almost as exasperated as Vinateri is the man behind him in line: Jim Kelly. Well played, WWL.