Blog Jam: Eagles Reach Out To Football Widows

• HUGGING HAROLD REYNOLDS has some good news for Philly football widows - the Eagles are offering a fun event to help them study the game.

Eagles cheerleaders in bikinis

In the meantime, we’ll keep studying those eco-sexy Eagles cheerleaders.

• Struck in the leg by a javelin? USA TODAY’s GAME ON says why don’t you take a picture, it’ll last longer.

• DOCKSQUAD’S SPORTS WORLD shows the Cubs’ Jim Edmonds once again doing what he does best - impersonate Willie Mays.

• WITH LEATHER punches up some fun video of an MMA match ending in a double K.O.

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Lou Piniella Jokes About Batting Jim Edmonds 9th

Certain Cubs fans probably aren’t thrilled at the signing of veteran outfielder Jim Edmonds, which is probably an understatement. Skipper Lou Piniella was asked about him, but he clearly didn’t want to talk about it, because he said he doesn’t know anything about his recent baseball ability.

Jim Edmonds - Lou Piniella

Because see what happens when he says something about Edmonds? “He’s going to hit ninth … I’m going to move the pitcher to eighth, and hit him ninth.” Actually, that’s not a bad idea for tonight’s game. Read more…