Week In Review: Anna Goes ‘Daddy’; Lance Hurts

Anna Rawson takes a swing at becoming the newest Go Daddy Girl.

Anna Rawson

Lance Armstrong breaks his collarbone after taking a spill in Spain. Wonder how the race coverage would have sounded in Punjabi?

• Even NBA cheerleaders aren’t safe in these harsh economic times.

• Some Golden Domers get their Irish up over President Obama’s plans to speak at Notre Dame’s commencement.

Herb DeShaies, you old dog! Sneaking an on-camera kiss with a sideline reporter & embarrassing your son Jim in the meantime.

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DeShaies’ Dad Sneaks On-Air Smooch w/Reporter

It’s natural for guys to sometimes feel embarrassed about their father’s behavior. But in Jim DeShaies’ case, he really should be proud of dear ol’ Dad - not many old dudes can sneak in a kiss with a sideline reporter.

Herb Deshaies kiss

AWFUL ANNOUNCING pitches up the story from Tuesday afternoon’s spring training game between the Houston Astros & New York Mets. DeShaies was doing color commentary for the Astros when an FSN reporter chatted it up with Jim’s dad, Herb. But when the interview was done, Herbie wasn’t going to be satisfied with just a cordial goodbye.

Video of Herb getting hot ‘n’ heavy after the jump.

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