Media Waits While Racer “Celebrates” w/Girlfriend

Meet Jessica Michibata. She’s the current girlfriend of Formula One racer Jenson Button. And as Cameron mentioned in this morning’s Speed Read, she was also the reason Button was running behind in meeting the media after he won the Australian Grand Prix on Sunday. Apparently Jessica & Jenson held their own little private post-race celebration behind closed doors. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more!

Jessica Michibata

But just who is Button’s new babe? Jessica is a model born of an Argentine father and Japanese mother - a curiously cute collection of Asian & South American beauty. She’s known mostly for her lingerie layouts featured in the Land of the Rising Sun.

So, would you put the press corps on hold while you messed around with Ms. Michibata? Don’t decide until you check out more pics after then jump.

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