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Stole that line from Florio. Here you go kiddos:

Hillary Clinton Signs Soccer Ball For Jessica Biel

To Jessica, thanks for helping me kick my kankles - Hill

Novak Can’t Take No More Of Aussie Open’s Heat

Andy Roddick roasts Novak Djokovic in the Aussie Oven Open quarters.

Novak Djokovic Australian Open

(Novak can’t wait to get back to those shivering Serbian winters)

Oscar De La Hoya paid $5 million for MMA event - and he didn’t even have to fight!

• A friendly reminder to Super Bowl attendees looking for adventure - the Tampa area does have a thriving gentlemen’s club industry.

• And if that’s too tame, there’s always prostitution - until you see the kind of Tampa trick-spinners the cops are dragging in.

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SbB Caption Contest: Jessica Alba @ the Clip Joint

Hey, readers! Time for another hot ‘n’ heavy SbB Clever Caption Contest!

And I use the term “hot ‘n’ heavy” in honor of today’s featured subject - Jessica Alba. Here’s the actress at Staples Center Monday night enjoying a Clippers game with her husband Cash Warren:

Jessica Alba at Clippers game

That’s her on the right. No, on the left. She’s on the left. I think. Anyway, how would you describe this scene? Submit your suggestions into the comments section linked below. Winner will be announced in the end-of-the-day recap, with a chance at one free month’s rent at the Donald Sterling slum of your choice.

Good luck & good writing. You do want to impress Jess, don’t ya?

Jessica Alba In Midseason Form; Baron Davis Isn’t

POP SUGAR (via TRUE HOOP) has photos of Jessica Alba and Baron Davis frolicking on the (freezing) beach in Cabo last weekend. Alba is only four months removed from pregnancy while Davis is only three weeks away from leading the Clippers against the Lakers in a preseason tilt (My Boy Barry has your tickets).

Jessica Alba Bikini On The Beach With Baron Davis

So take a wild guess who appears to be in better physical condition. Read more…

After Baron Bolts, Warriors Try To Bring In Brand

After losing Baron Davis to the L.A. Clippers, the Golden State Warriors hope turnabout is fair play in trying to snag free agent Elton Brand.

Baron Davis Elton Brand

TRUE HOOP tells us (via Janny Hu of the SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE) that the b-ballers by the Bay are offering Brand some big bucks to come up north - reportedly a 5-year deal worth up to $90 million, about $20 million more than the Clips are willing to give Elton to stay with L.A.’s NBA B-team.

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I Have New Appreciation For Maxim’s Photography

MAXIM, as noted by GIRLS THAT CHEER, recently did a photo shoot of some select NFL cheerleaders. Lilly Robbins, who was a tender 18 when Miami Dolphins management first saw her big, natural boobs hired her for their cheer squad, was one of the girls included in the mag’s production. And, at least from this photo, you can see why:

Lilly Robbins Dolphins Cheerleader

For a second there, I thought I’d found the hottest NFL cheerleader EVAR. That is, until I saw the unretouched version of Ms. Robbins (after the jump). Read more…

Further Proof That Derek Jeter Is Better Than You

You needed more proof that Derek Jeter gets to date beautiful women, because you’re a stickler for evidence. Well, AM NEW YORK and BIG LEAGUE STEW both have your back on this one.

The six women Derek Jeter dated on Maxim's Hot 100

(You know, if the utility infielders aren’t doing anything … [mimes phone call])

With MAXIM’s “Hot 100″ list due out in a couple weeks, sources say that six of the women on the list have, at one time, dated the Yankees shortstop. Read more…

Warriors Out Of Playoffs - No Mo’ Alba Sightings?

The Golden State Warriors have been officially eliminated from the NBA Playoffs. And we have a bad idea of what this might mean:

Jessica Alba Golden State Warriors Playoffs

No chance of sighting Jessica Alba at courtside.

If only there was a playoff-bound pro basketball team in Los Angeles that could save an extra baseline seat for her. Somewhere close to Jack Nicholson - but not too close.

Surfing On A Rocket - Houston Wins 19th Straight

All those New England clothiers with a backlog of useless 19-0 t-shirts have found a new destination for their duds besides Nicaragua or Romania:

Houston Rockets Patriots 19-0 shirts

Houston, Texas.

(Not that we’re comparing Houston to a third-world country. Or are we?)

The Rockets won their 19th straight game, beating New Jersey 91-73 on Monday night. Houston became the 4th team in NBA history to set such a streak. Not only did the Rockets beat the Nets on the court, they also tied them in the record books. Read more…

Report: Jessica Alba Got Herpes From Derek Jeter

WE’VE JUST FOUND OUR FAVORITE NEW WEBSITE ADDRESS: We’re relieved to know LARRY BROWN SPORTS listens to Adam Carolla so we don’t have to - and look what LB got out of that early morning experience today:

Jessica Alba Herpes Derek Jeter

I was listening to The Adam Carolla Show this morning and heard a report that I just had to blog. Not sure how kosher it is, because it is a report coming from a gossip site called L.A. Rag Mag. Anyways, the Rag Mag is saying that Derek Jeter gave Jessica Alba herpes.

Kobe Bryant Divorce

“L.A. RAG MAG”? Sounds almost as credible as MEDIATAKEOUT, eh?