Reggie Jackson To Fan: “I’m Not Jesse, You Fool”

Jon Heyman has my top World Series highlight so far, this pregame exchange between a fan and Reggie Jackson:

Reggie Jackson Jesse Jackson Tweet From Jon Heyman

Wait, Reggie doesn’t want to be associated with the greatest civil rights leader of our time?

SbB’s Many Shining Moments At The ‘08 Final Four

Wow, that was some national championship game, wasn’t it?

• The best part of last night’s title tilt - spotting Greg Ostertag afterwards.

Greg Ostertag Final Four Alamodome

• With March Madness finally over, will Bill Self & John Calipari be seeking employment elsewhere?

• Overall, the Final Four rocked - even if it really didn’t hip-hop.

• And who better to ease the Memphis Tigers’ pain than Jesse Jackson?

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Jesse Jackson Tries To Cheer Up Memphis Players

If you just lost a national championship in OT after being up by nine with two minutes left in regulation, who’s the first person you’d want to see?

Derrick Rose Memphis Jesse Jackson

The Rev. Jesse Jackson, of course!

The SAN ANTONIO EXPRESS-NEWS reports that the good reverend gave “hugs and encouragement” to Memphis players Derrick Rose and Chris Douglas-Roberts, minutes after the Tigers’ 75-68 loss to Kansas.

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Black Teens Name Michael Vick As Favorite NFL Player In Recent Survey

THE KIDS TODAY JUST DON’T GET THE CREDIT THEY DESERVE NOIS blog today points out a recent survey from research company TRU that asked black teens who their favorite athlete was.

Michael Vick Dog

In the results, Michael Vick was named by black teens as their favorite NFL player, and in overall popularity, Vick ranked ahead of Tiger Woods, Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, Reggie Bush, Peyton Manning and Tim Duncan.Again, the survey was given AFTER Vick admitted to abusing dogs. The TRU number-crunchers then opine on the results: “Another explanation for Vick’s relative popularity among black teens lies in the fact that survey data show that significantly fewer African-American teens pass judgment on star athletes under suspicion of wrongdoing.

Al Sharpton Michael Jackson Jesse Jackson

If that wasn’t the case, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would be cardboard camping under a freeway somewhere in the South Bronx.