New Shaq Suns Jersey Should Suit Him Just Fine

No sooner did Shaq turn his head & cough, the Suns already have O’Neal’s jersey for sale. And LE BASKETBAWL grabs a sneak peek at the big man’s new court clothing:

Shaq's new Suns jersey

Such duds should suit the often-aching Big Aristotle just fine.

Man Found Dead Wearing Jason Kidd Jersey

SO JOUMANA (ALLEGEDLY) WANTS TO BURY THE HATCHET? We all remember the rather contentious divorce proceeding of Jason Kidd and his former wife Joumana.

Jason Kidd Dead Man's Jersey

We haven’t heard much about the aftermath of the settlement, but no one can accuse (and we certainly aren’t) Joumana of not trying to get on with her life by burying the hatchet over the matter.

Brady Quinn Wears USC Jersey After Losing Bet

BRADY QUINN DONS USC JERSEY AFTER LOSING IRISH BET: Even after graduating, Brady Quinn can’t escape the futility that has engulfed the Notre Dame program:

Brady Quinn USC

CBS SPORTSLINE reports Quinn had to wear a USC jersey Wednesday after losing a bet. The ex-Irish QB made the wager with ex-Trojan signal-caller Rodney Peete over last Saturday’s game, with USC pounding ND, 38-0.So, for the day’s interview, the Browns QB pulled the #10 cardinal-and-gold item out of his locker, and slipped it on. But Brady did come prepared: “That’s why I’ve got extra layers on, so it doesn’t actually touch any part of my body.”

Brady Quinn no MySpace

After the chat was over, Quinn quickly ripped off the jersey and threw it in the trash.We hope Brady makes room in his closet for some Navy, Air Force, Duke and Stanford apparel.