Favre’s Former Coach: “I could not sober him up”

Brett Favre originally started his NFL career in Atlanta with the Falcons, and was coached by Jerry Glanville.

Via Mike Florio at ProFootballTalk.com, Glanville guested on Thom Abraham’s WNSR radio show in Nashville recently and said that one of the reasons the legendary quarterback was traded to Green Bay was his affinity for late night inebriants:
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Glanville Willing To Take Gamble On Recruit Faker

By now, you’re likely familiar with the saga of Nevada high school offensive lineman Kevin Hart, who made up a nice little ruse about being recruited by Cal and Oregon, complete with press conference and hat selection.

Kevin Hart Fernley High School

He eventually owned up to his hoax, but there may be a happy ending in all of this. Despite the ruse, someone is still interested in possibly giving him a scholarship, according to KPTV in Portland: “FOX 12 reported that Portland State University football coaches said they have called Kevin Hart’s high school, requesting footage of the lineman.” Hart’s grandfather says Kevin just made a mistake, and he’d be happy to send any game tape to the university.

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Weber State and Portland State Rack Up 141 Total Points In Football Game

PORTLAND SEES 141 PTS SCORED, AND NOT FROM BLAZERS: Weber State got past Portland State 73-68 on Saturday. But it wasn’t a score from the hardwood - the points were gotten on the gridiron:

Portland State Weber State football

1-AA* Weber State racked up 687 yards of total offense, helped by Wildcats QB Cameron Higgins throwing 7 TDs in the wild win. Just as remarkable, PSU QB Drew Hubel tossed nine TDs in a losing effort.The Big Sky Conference contest was thrilling even to the end, when an 84-yard fumble return brought the Vikings to within 5 with 31 seconds to go. But the two-point try & onside kickoff failed, and the Wildcats escaped.

Jerry Glanville Footbrawl

With scores like this, coach Jerry Glanville certainly has brought excitement back to the Portland State program. But these kind of shootouts may hurt his standing as a defensive guru.The high-flying affair was held at PGE park, which is also home to the Portland Beavers of the Pacific Coast League. It’s pretty amusing that a football game would produce a basketball score on a baseball field.

(* - Yes, we know the NCAA now uses the exasperating label “Football Championship Subdivision”. And we don’t care.)

Oden Can Find Other Things To Do In Portland

THINGS TO DO IN PORTLAND WHEN YOUR SEASON’S DEAD: So Greg Oden won’t be hitting the floor for the Blazers this season. What’s a #1 draft pick to do?

Greg Oden Welcome

Apart from cheering on his new teammates (and bailing them out of jail afterwards), Oden now has time to check out some of the other sports options in town.For instance, Jerry Glanville is back on the sidelines, as the former Falcons & Oilers coach is now leading the 1-AA Portland State Vikings.

Jerry Glanville Elvis

It’s known that during his NFL days, Glanville would leave two tickets at will call for Elvis Presley, in case the King ever decided to show up.For fun, Greg might consider hitting the hip PDX boutiques for a sequin jumpsuit and pompadour wig - then show up at the next PSU game in his new attire, announcing in a Presley-esque drawl, “Here I am, thank you very much. Now, where my seats at?

And as the winter months drag on, Greg can check out the Winter Hawks, Portland’s entry in the junior Western Hockey League.

Winter Hawks Blackhawks

And if he wants to practice some law, Oden can send a tip to “Dollar” Bill Wirtz about possible copyright infringement.And were sure there’s museums, symphonies and fine- dining establishments to enjoy in the Rose City, just like any other big-name metropolis.

Greg Oden Beer Pong

If all else fails, there’s always beer pong.