Neuheisel Says He’ll Be Tougher This Time Around

Via LARRY BROWN SPORTS, we have L.A. TIMES columnist Kurt Streeter interviewing new UCLA football head coach Rick Neuheisel regarding his disciplinary role (or lack thereof) after the SEATTLE TIMES chronicled the runaway nature of the University of Washington’s program and players during its 2000 Rose Bowl season.

Rick Neuheisel

Neuheisel refused to comment on the initial series of articles, but now tells Streeter, particularly with regard to the rape allegations surrounding then-UW tight end Jerramy Stevens, that it would not have been right to suspend a player for allegations without more proof. Read more…

Neuheisel Nightmare: Wash. Players Were Terrors

A month ago, UCLA hired Rick Neuheisel as its football coach. Neuheisel, a former Bruins player, most recently served as a head coach at the Univ. of Washington for four seasons, until he was pushed out in 2003 for participating in March Madness tournament pools.

Rick Neuheisel

But that’s tame compared to what the SEATTLE TIMES recently dug up on Neuheisel during his UW tenure. In a stunningly researched and detailed series, reporters Ken Armstrong and Nick Perry deconstruct Neuheisel’s charges as a band of direction-less outlaws, who knew little discipline and were terrors in the local community.

The best (worst) example of this was Tight End Jerramy Stevens. His rap sheet is too long to list here. But all you need to know about Stevens’ character is contained in an “e-mail Stevens had sent to one woman he’d slept with at the UW.Read more…