Marbury Still Not Playing, Now Won’t Be Paid For It

After throwing nearly $50 million away on Stephon Marbury, Eddy Curry, Jerome James and Malik Rose, who may combine to contribute only Rose’s garbage time minutes, the Knicks are finally making a sound business decision: they’re recouping their Marbury costs, one game at a time.

Stephon Marbury

Get your notepad ready, because a series of events this complex and asinine could only happen under James Dolan. First the Knicks told Marbury he wouldn’t play, but they’d still pay him. Then, shorthanded on Wednesday, they told Marbury he had to play, since they were paying him. He then refused to play, mad because they hadn’t been playing him. Now they’re refusing to pay for his refusal to play. Got all that? Now you’ve caught up on the last week of As the Garden Turns. (All this, plus Magic throwing Isiah under the bus, after the jump.)

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If Kobe Bryant Can Play, At Least You Can Watch

The NBA All-Star game — unofficial motto: better than the Pro Bowl, worse than baseball’s All-Star game — tips off in a little more than an hour. There will probably not be any cupcake dunks, but there will be plenty of offense.

Kobe Bryant is expected to play; otherwise, he would have to sit out the Lakers’ first game after the break.

Kevin Garnett will not play, though he could be back for the Celtics as soon as Tuesday. Read more…