Baseball Writer Starts New Blog With Penis Story

Carter Gaddis, who is currently covering the Tigers for and is a former Rays beat writer for the TAMPA TRIBUNE, is about as close to a baseball lifer as you can get. He’s been covering the game since 1992, and following major league beats since 2002. Now, he’s dishing about his best bizarre moments on a new tell-all blog, a venture that his employers, MLIVE, may not be completely thrilled about. Why? Because his very first entry involves the visual ambiguity of penises and hot dogs … and a dead man.

penis hot dog cooker

(A re-enactment of Jeremi Gonzalez’s shower antics.)

What did Gaddis kick off TAMPA BAY BASEBALL OUTSIDER with? Just a classic tale of the late Jeremi Gonzalez (the one who died after being struck with lightning, not the one who’s first name started with a “G”) trying to get new teammate Adam Piatt to try his “hot dog” as a way of welcoming him to Tampa Bay - all while completely nude, of course.

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